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you see the cops come back and retrieve it babe
'Cause that's all I know
'Cause that's how we roll
From the gut straight to your front door
sitting here
Me down
So where on earth
Do I retrieve my crown

You stole my heart
Now my will
My flock
Seize him
Freeze him
Now your time has stopped
of the dead
Placed under the statue of Horus
At Hamunaptra
The spell
Forbidden from being performed
At Hamunaptra buried I was
Of Amun Ra retrieve my soul
wishing these problems that I have won't stay

Wishing for things that I'll never receive
Waiting for answers I'll never retrieve
Dealing with problems
wishing these problems that I have won't Stay

Wishing for things that I'll never receive
Waiting for answers I'll never retrieve
Dealing with problems
They follow I lead
And they call me King
I run the city like Shaka Zulu
I'm on a mission never retrieve
I don't got fear like Shaka Zulu
They follow
he deserves
His loneliness
His lowliness
Is part of his decision making

We retrieve
And we retrieve
And we finally see
Who's been leaving them
seems you'll soon be leaving And I can't retrieve you And I can't believe Now that you're gone I'm barely breathing Words to believe We're still bleeding
to mark out our legacy, cut short by the unknown.
Tides rise above you now, washed away, not yet fully grown.
Deceive me, this life was torn away.
lost me
I will never leave
Until I do retrieve my love and I know that you got me

Tell me one more time and I will read and I will rhyme 
And I will
Well turn this hell hole back around
When your life is damaged
Don't back out now
Will retrieve the greatness
And return this hell back
Retrieve the past, 
Like a prayer, 
Bringing it back, 
Into the light, 
What was yesterday, 
Will reform today, 
To retrieve, 
Lost life,
or Chiefer  a
Sippa or Chiefer 
I just might retrieve her
I think I see a diva
Are you a? 
Sippa or Chiefer
Sippa or Chiefer 
I think I see a diva 
You know I
head and retrieve her
Working on my music on my own (Woo)
One day I’ll be sitting on the throne (Aye aye)
Killing in this game like I’m the reaper (Aye
Calling, I'm calling
Can you hear me, can you hear me
Falling, I'm falling
Please retrieve me, retrieve me
Calling, I'm calling
Can you hear me, please hear
As our souls intertwine

Girl let me see you wine
Let me see it
If you throw that ting I'll retrieve it
If you roll that ting I'll go deeper
Ohhh why

peace, and then I had to set you free
It's okay to still love you
Even though I don't miss you anymore
I put all this above me
Won't head back to retrieve
Sometimes I don't see 
Sometimes can't conceive 
But you always help me retrieve the light in me

My eyes behold daily sensations
I see a marvel every day
your own world, don’t try to be 'em
It’s your happiness, shit man, go retrieve it (Yeah, aye)
Yeah, you can’t believe 'em (Ho)
Dawg, just don’t believe
wanted to believe in something else
Were we confused
Or just easily amused
We can't retrieve these memories of ourselves
Memories of ourselves
Enemy soil
And so it goes
And so it goes

But there's a light
If you dare to believe it
It floods in and washes all away
Blood, sweat and tears won't retrieve
the empire falls
Until you think it all

You gave your love to me
And now you are my property
You sold your soul
You can't retrieve the love I stole
inside (We appear)
It's just a dreary memory stuck in your mind (Memory stuck in your mind)

Retrieve your balance
Use your senses to observe (The essence
seen it
Believe me I went thru it
Believe me don't quit
Believe me It's there to get
Retrieve it take a hit
Retrieve It don't sit
Retrieve yourself out

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