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"The mind-blowing party-rocking Platform crew" (scratched 4x)
	"That's Rakka-Iriscience, Evidence, Babu"

It's no retreat, hit
"No surrender and no retreat"
Uh, uh, yo, worldwide
From great heights we take perish by night
And lay by day from sonic doodalay
of you niggas
But I'm a dyin' breed
Never ran
Right 'cross tha track if you want drama
No surrender
No retreat
That's on my Mama

No surrender (No
Tell me I'm only dreaming and I'll believe you
Can't see how this could be true
Surrounded by feelings I hardly recognise
I look for explanations
Tell me I'm only dreaming and I'll believe you
Can't see how this could be true
Surrounded by feelings I hardly recognise
I look for
Satan, I'm laying in the dark
With the Mossberg, waiting, letting off first basing
Slim from the cotton club washing a scrub
Deuce high when he cruise by
One moment's pause
One moments retreat
Away from the heat...
The silent surroundings
The black of the predawn sky
The chilled air of night
away from I can't retreat.
Sometimes I find a way to get mine,
Other times I'm lost, I'm blind.
The pressure gets hard be,
I can't lose track its always
camera hired up in on this nightmare
Nah I wish it was a nightmare
Then a least I'd be asleep in my bed
My eyes bright red, feel like death by bed
by bit 

Step by Step, inch by inch, piece by piece, bit by bit 

[Method Man] 

Check my Extinction Agenda, mind bender 

No retreat no
to stone.
Charging madly forward, tracks across the snow,
Wind screams madness to him, ever on he goes
Leaving spoor to mark his passage, trace his weary
Rastafari bless the youths as long as they live
Keep them on the right track far from envy and greed
Teach them how to help each
Just, just, just because we rock the same style of tracks and we rock the same stage it don't put us on the same page like, like this 
Talk all
you're in a gangsta scene
With a villain doin damage on a 24 track
With no confusion to finish my conclusion
Rythymatic rhymes from a radio cat
You can't
that's the way it goes
Anti-??? behold, we lay down tracks while the rest of be told
So best move and gets go, act like you've been told
By the heat
know how it's goin down
No surrender no retreat no takedown
Beanie Mac cookin up the track
That's right, Snoop Dogg and Dub-C ridin in the back
a dream, just perceived how I live
So it's make believe, rather unique
Lavish, sweet all live in a rapper physique
Hit up a show then after retreat back
downfalls got overshadowed by my achievements
I knew that I was different but nobody ever saw the vision
So 'bout a year ago all of you believers was
I hang wit pullers of automatic triggers and gold diggers
My mob?s full of go getters go live or die by the cold niggas
Wit drama bringers ear
Catch a 100 in your cap, your brain be by your waistline
LV on this track, hell of a bass line

Remind me of the times I was servin' them base lines
alley tormented by mind
Dodgin' the (Tech.. 4x N9ne.. 4x)
Now here's the message
Liberate me, Chocolatate'
Take 'em and rock now play
Do the fuck
playa-hatin-lame-ass niggas
And we on this laid-back track, something smooth
Eh yo, Mayz, whatcha don' do, kick it

And ride on, niggas get your high
up my heritage
Shaolin surrounded by the cruel sea, crabs get stabbed
Chemistry lab is filled with motorous vocab
That drive niggas crazy like Arabs in
see the signal when I crackdown
Then now we got 'em murdering the track down
We need a reason for they why he had to clap rounds
These pigs get to go
choose to eat
You could lose your teeth, many crews retreat
Nightly news repeat, who got shot down and locked down
Spotlight to savages, NASDAQ averages