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I am reticent
And I construct with eloquence
Maybe I can help you find your dreams? 
Well crush me all you like
It won't help you breathe
When you
Before you hedge those bets you placed against me
Be reticent to fortunes they foretell
Your verbal defecation, I can't wash away despite myself
of one that is reticent
But you came along without a precedent
He is the drug, you are the medicine

Waking up alone on sweat soaked sheets, knees scraped
Jane Love And Hate
It may be hard to believe
I'm reticent
But baby, you didn't know me when
Trop de médisance dans l'secteur (Focus Beatz)
Trop de médisance dans l'secteur
Trop réticent à leur bon cœur (DA Uzi)

On est jamais
It's my secret
And I won't let go

Do you want to join my society
Well you'll be governed
By intelligence
You've got to swear
Be reticent
It's my secret
And I won't let go

Do you want to join my society
Well you'll be governed
By intelligence
You've got to swear
Be reticent
with the French
Thomas Jefferson, always hesitant with the President
Reticent there isn't a plan he doesn't jettison
Madison, you're mad as a hatter,
believe you breathe out
Every one you take

Better keep the bags packed
Keep your nose clean
Check the shelf life and date
Reticent gonna soon realize
for England
From it's reticent doze
This is a waking for England
Lest hope and glory are regarded as foes
surrounding them
For a while
They find solace, with the waves
Through the red garden gate

In the wake of
Abandonment, a boy walked the streets

Ever reticent
the reticent
Clean up the evidence and set a wrong precedent
Don't even bother, you always manoeuvre
Talk about the criminals you cannot discover

Day after day
De liberté et d’ouverture, de poésie aussi bien sûr!
La vie c’est ça… La vie c’est ça… La vie c’est ça…

C’est dans un Québec réticent à exister
Panamanian origins
Dirty, flirty, worthy sinner
Dick for dinner
Side of cough medicine
Isn't reticent or hesitant cause all I do is win
Best in
Reticent is your arrogance, relentless is your ignorance
Patience is yours
Let's storm the Wooden Castle
The water is yours
Splash this vita on your face
the air with the ghosts you still let breathe 

The sun slowly sets as you close your eyes 
You are so reticent to even your mind 
You hide your regrets,
from? Still stuck in some dead bus station in 

HARTFORD fucking nowhere Connecticut and I try so desperately to stay reticent but all I can do is reread
les réticents s’ront pour
Et tous les grands Saints autour
Better to fall
Than loose the flood that washes us away
Its better to radiate
Never live in extremes
Than have a taciturn heart
A reticent heart

it's love
Reticent to run
It feels like it's something good
So tell me when you understood
Everything I see from here is crystal clear
'Cause it
on a lunar bound
Steel guitar and the melly sound
Did I give it all?
I guess I gave it all

Feeling the shapes keeps me reticent
Stuck in my seat from
and at him, brown Chris Farley
Kalapani K?lid?sa, Vijay from Pyaasa
Wiles out at night, can't breathe through his nostrils
Poppa need his medicine
truc, j'suis dans le showbiz, j'ai pas de copine
Marié, j'fais pas la bise, j'suis réticent comme Nasreddine
J'suis pas dans le hram, j'suis dans la
wish I was reticent in my own strength
But I've found
You don't hold your composure
When I say that with a straight face

Oh I swim in a violet sea

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