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my daily Adderall
I don't know what the record is now
I'm taking way more than the recommended amount, I'm sayin'
Restock now
Fill up and restock, yeah
Deadstock, restock
I might have to restock
I went 'n' got it in deadstock
Rerun that shit like a Reebok
Deadstock, restock
I might have
(Get The Bag Production)
Me and my team walk in the store make 'em restock it
They want us to stop but we dripping like a faucet
Walk inside the crib
Ich pull mit dem Team up
Wie ein Sea Hawk eh
Candy Restock
Ich hab Heat auf der Street, Dog
Baddie im Bed
Baddie mag Green
Baddie sagt SLATT
Und Bed
Woke up this morning, had to detox
Put on some Cowboy Bebop
The misses sleep, ain't made a peep
My energy on restock
Ain't tryna hear yo politics
30 on a opp, but we don't talk to cops
Got the Gucci's while you waiting for the restock
I'm in Gucci while you can't afford some reebok
And I'm only
Young boy, young boy
Growing up, watchin' dads hands
Flip the pack counter clock
Then he run it back
Run it back to the block
Then he hit restock
junkie sleeping you pull up just please don't knock 
I'm running out of cut again shit gotta restock 

Told my runner gotta week I'm talking no extension
een G shock
Hoef niet te shinen met een 1 op 1
Money laag maar ik restock
Was laag in de les all day all day
We doen niet aan halve werk
Ik grind ik tot
Give me some time away to detox
I'm runnin' out of love
They say it’s time to restock
My heart got a hole
That’s where the key locks
Ay, yeah
timeouts when you pitch the block
Just Game clocks Til you restock
Restock get ham-hocked
Lose half ya Head Mohawk
Pack a punch that's a Punk rock
bought the store had to restock
Pull up in the whip foreign bitch we drop the top

Money real long money real tall
Certified lover feel like Drizzy dawg
all the profit
Get it gone and then restock
Thick bitch she from Houston
So you know I got to rocket
Suck it till her jaw lock
Baby please don’t stop it
Clear out they shelf everytime that they restock
Bought a new Birkin for my bitch from Bangkok
Bought a new Birkin for that bitch from Bangkok
I put
for you
When you need a restock
I’m the man for you
I’ll bring all of the flavors
Just for you
Cuz you’re my lemonade
You’re my lemonade stand
Countdown pan' ma-ntorc
Calm down ca-mi fac banii la bloc
Pizde marfa restock
Countdown pana o sa trag tot
Calm down ca fac sport
Fugim de garda sa
The world on drugs I need a detox
Crazy how I'm tapped in wit' the plugs they finna restock
And they don't know how we feel
And they don't know how
Baby talking how to achieve restock
Baby talking how to achieve restock
I got a sweat spot
He got a heat stop
We got a heat stop
And she got a Mac
And we
No balencis on my feet, I got reeboks
No Rolex, got a g-shock, she love me just the same 
No Prada on me, can't afford the restock, restock
She gon'
qualcosa di bello?
Stasera non posso, non posso perché

Vorrei dedicarti una base triste
Ma non te lo meriti
Vorrei regalarti una scarpa in restock
smokin weed all day I dont detox
Fucked up all of my shoes needa restock
Need shoes call my plug he gotta restock
How the fuck you say you gettin fly
на restock, а я вечно нов
Сосёт между строк, слышу волчий зов
С ней не на часок, я всегда готов
Я е.у бит в одиночку, даже без хитов

Она чистит зубы
get hot don't stop, move shop
Find another block restock and take it from the top now

Greed, hate, envy but cake will do
Fuck the game don't let
get hot don't stop, move shop
Find another block restock and take it from the top now

Greed, hate, envy but cake will do
Fuck the game don't let

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