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Cut my wrists with laughter and pleasure
Slit my flesh for my own wasted mind
To Satan I offer thee
For what once was, and what I could be
Car ahead, eliminate
Smoking gun that sealed their fate
Flesh and blood to instigate
Can't go back, it's far too late

For you
Give me one more
Searching for meaning to this life
Playground, the self
Awaking forever day by day, in bleak disclosure
Hoping to find serenity in a silent dream
Breakin' your face and bustin' your head
Won't leave you alone until I leave you dead
We're the restless breed livin' day by day
So get down on your knees
Crawling up from the surface that entombs 
Feculent flesh entwined and maggots churning inside the stomachs 
Such a beautiful sight for
you in your dreams
Never another restless sleep
I'll fall in love right by your side
And I'm your victim of death for your pride
United we are
and wreckless
A soap box for lots young and restless
They got ya head bobbin til ya lose ya necklace
Or betta yet bobbin til it leaves you neck less
You know
When the clock strikes the hour 
My restless soul has to rise 
Unsubstantial, bare of flesh 
Chained by unsacred ties 
Centuries come,
driven by
Those echoed lies No where to roam
Open my eyes, enlightened the child that
Whispered bardo omnio
Let me belong, eat my raw, stick me empty with
we could work, try to live and get by
To make our family in a second-floor apartment
Standing on a threshold, body out and flesh cold
Go ahead
bleeds the storm, like flames engulfed in darkness
Passing days of despair restless in these hours of suffering
These sharps claws of death yearn for
Wherein death has sucked the hour

There, throttled gasps tantamount for foreplay
And drooling razors next to come
Unspool red secrets from
and restless tragedies
I transgress your world into the house of dawn
For redemption and immortality
A sacred sin for divine perfection

Drudenhaus !

O Roy des
what I'm sayin'?

Yo we gettin' restless me and dawgs
Never pretendin' rather we sendin' a very clear message
Either you with me or against me punk hit
why I should be alone,
Are made of flesh and bone.

I've been thinking of exile.
I've been thinking hit the highway and head up North.
I've been

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