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Into my life came responsibility.
She's got some shakin', kickin', sailin', long blonde hair,
And when I want to get off
puttin' on your clothes or tyin' your shoes
Takin' out the trash or cleanin' your room
Don't get caught in [?]

Bullets are the beauty of the blistering sky
Bullets are the beauty and I don't know why

Personal responsibility
Personal responsibility
All this pain a theme of yesterday?
Didn’t we learn
It’s our responsibility
Didn’t we learn
It’s our responsibility
I mean you
I mean me
I got responsibilities
I got stress up to my knees
Everybody want a piece of my pie
I don't know what I got do
Just to get for my ppl
But it
Me oh my oh mercy me!
(Mercy me)
I found love is my

I can speak with the tongues of men and of angels
Solve heavens mysteries
All these motherfucking responsibilities
That we gotta face every single day
Sometimes I just wish I could escape all of this shit
Just for one day,
our life
Free to live our dreams
Free to stand up
And take responsibility 

Responsibility is you
Responsibility is me
Responsibility's how we treat
But it's God's world and it's safe and it's easy 
To nullify all personal responsibility 

Well the young man makes a plan 
That he'll save
a case of balancing rights and responsibilities 
It's like the worlds going backwards 
Too proud of the money to admit that we've imperfectly planned shit
Responsibility, everybody wanna make some noise
If you try it make it feel nice
Gonna get it if I play it right

Responsibility, tomo la
Stop an' smell the roses?
Baby, I can't hardly see

No, I ain't forgotten just how good it all can be
But I've got so much responsibility
Got so
I need a map to get through
To find the words that I should choose
Words that ring true
But it's not your job, not your responsibility
To bring my
were in
Signs of grand assurance were carried on the wind

Take it home, take it low, take responsibilities
Came the message from the front
they got us yo
She fainted at her baby wake now watch the breakdown (face responsibility)
She fainted at her baby wake now yo watch the breakdown
you bleed
We'd rather starve!
We take no responsibility
We conquered 
We are evil

back against the wall 
Don't know myself but now my back against the wall 
Responsibility, responsibility workin' 
Double shifts and not getting any
*music fades in*
"what you gonna do when you grow up, and have to face responsibility"
[raekwon] that's comin from louis rich
[raekwon] baggin, you
happens to us is our responsibility,
you know. Like any violence going in the world is just
a symbol of all the violent atmosphere that is in the
world, you
Me and you 
Take responsibility for what you do
Stop making me look like a fool
Maybe I shouldn't be with you 
It's just
Me and you 
out on you there is no excuse
Just one of those things that I do that I do
I've been so hard on myself
So I will take responsibility
I've been so hard
Saying all the time: God bless you

Healing all my pain
Recharging my batteries
Empowering me to take responsibility

Healing all my pain
Recharging my
I do not want into adulthood, I do not want 
This is an eternal race with everyone mortgages 
Loans, responsibility, no freedom, no lust
It's easier
I can't blame No one else
Got to take this on the chin
Like this
Whoa oh oh
It's my fault
Got to take Responsibility
Whoa oh oh
It's my fault

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