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Disappear resolving

One man stands alone awaiting for her to come home
Eyes above the horizon
In the dark before the
Darkness leaves the dawn
Or having an uninterrupted conversation

And any talk of healthiness
And any talk of connectedness
And any talk of resolving this
Leaves you running for
Buildings down
Like a symphony's resolving
Resolving sound

Wishing you well
We say our last goodbye
This is farawell, so 
Good luck and goodbye

all responsibilities
Resolving everything plainly

Even choose your hour to die
No more vindications
So suffer on your knees
Death might knock quickly
guess that's where most of the part of it's . . . I . . . guess it's all about resolving past crime and everything . . . and . . . also . . . about . . .
Don't need more reasons to turn this to a fire pit
Barbecue, I would do, right find without all of it
It's awful and off to no resolving it
things are resolving themselves around here! I-I never would have sus- pected anything like this when we came in!

Where are your real clothes,
Life is a sieve through which my anarchy streams
Resolving itself into words
Chaos is the score upon which reality is written
The timeless,
Just when everything's in order and good, things fall apart
Just when life should be resolving I'm back at the beginning,
And it comes back
the solutions carefully 
I'm resolving 

The present location of my conscience 
Lies deep below the foundation in me
Wasn't aware of the consequences facing
loving this new life
And I can't get enough of you

I know it sounds cliche
A fresh start like new years day
Resolving to let go all the pain
So we can
of the Carrion kind

Monarch of the sleeping marches
Creature of no end
Son of Hypnos, shaper of the dreaming
Triumphantly resolving
The sovereignty of hell
I keep asking myself 
How it came tumbling down down down down down

Let's lock into place like a puzzle
Resolving all my troubles whirling
Holding on, the walls kept on breaking
Resolving to dust
The curse og the chains causing evil and pain
How long will it last

Whispers from the forgotten
To money spent,
A whim's in need of a real intent. (wrong)
To it's resolving arguments.

One year, now.
We're all here, now.
Tonight, to hell with
Wage and mayhem, put to an end momentarily
Resolving confrontations, over territorial disputes
Battles break out, when negotiations crumble

never born 
I believe we were forever 
... Seasons 
... Madness 
... Amen 
Resolving a riddle 
To enter the maze 
To find an exit 
For another
it back in one piece
That's how they do it no resolving the beef
Why Battle Axe Crew stays armed to the teeth
Comin' at you with them tattood
never born 
I believe we were forever 
... Seasons 
... Madness 
... Amen 
Resolving a riddle 
To enter the maze 
To find an exit 
For another
I'm clean
Not blind

It's temporary, resolving to rewind
Consuming silence 'til sound gives up the fight
Can't waste my nights on hoping

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