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And if I never,
Live to see another day
I guess that would have to be alright by me 
How come we never say what it is that we wannna say
Is this
'cause last night just by chance,
I saw you and ivan kissing

Jealousy rose up right
From it's hole
Just when I had it all under control

Yeah, I'm giving it over

Music by Peter Furler and Steve Taylor / Lyrics by Steve Taylor
©©2002 Dawn Treader Music (admin. by EMI Christian Music
Cause a love like this is so hard to find
Don't want to live by no one else's designs
Though every day ain't glamorous, To me it's just fine
Now this first man's basic blessing
Is just what this government gives
But he'll tell you that his only real reservation
Is really just where he lives
You can't know where I live.
Kidding girl it's your world I'm living in.
Me, I'm just visiting,
Why don't you put on a show for me?

She's dancin'
and older

And always a little further out of the way

You look into her eyes and it's more than your heart will allow

In August and everything after, you
it your way, Burger King
I get deep in that pussy, dig her out, surgery
Fucking with a real nigga, fucking right, certainly
Break in your fucking home,
with self-doubt and reservation
Should know hesitation delays elevation
And shows why they never made it
Let me explain it
Dedication is a measure
[Steve Austin]
Hi this is Steve Austin
Reportin' live from San Diego, California 
I'm here wit two controversial rappers from the city 
Lil' Rob
to starving for a plate
Well, you don't give it when they hate
That's why my niggas keep a biscuit

It's no gimmick
I talk it how I live it
So when a nigga
This is my first confession my father its
So hard spilling my heart like gaza strip
So far I'm scarred like its part of my skin
Its carved in by
to live this way, like every day is a holiday.
At the harvest time, when the work is done.
And I celebrate by worshiping the earth and the sun
We always
To live is Christ, 
To die is Gain
I asked myself am I a slave
Working for the finer things in life
'Cause I don't ever wanna lose control
all that gel in his hair.
That’s not fair, but I guess it’s just the way that it goes,
If you don’t have reservations, then you better know the host.
getting pass-ons, be by-gones
Nevertheless is definitely hit and hits are what we strive on
We feel this way every single day all day
So make way

when it heard the first blast 
And then every dumb action movie was summarily surpassed 
And the exodus uptown by foot and motorcar 
Looked more like
I was just trying to make it with Steve Stoute
The legal way, drug-free route
Back in the days, they was sleeping on us
Brooklyn keep on taking it
I'm so impressed by the way that she dress (she got gear)
She walks like a model, the girl is so fresh (so fresh)
I got a few of them, here's
[Chorus: ]
You used to be my man, we used to be in love
Since we parted ways things is gettin' rough
Just because I got a kid by you
Don't give
to know
how you, how you gonna approach the next shit?"
Say it's the same way I always do, not givin' a fuck

Million dollar maker, not a faker, try to call
is the pound chrome Huxtable brownstone
Major paper cake by the layers
If these dudes is live I'm the created player
They callin' 'em kings when
is the pound chrome Huxtable brownstone
Major paper cake by the layers
If these dudes is live I'm the created player
They callin' 'em kings when
In my heart and in my mind
I'm gon' win, in due time
Show me the way, give me a sign
And I'm gon' shine, I'm gon' shine
I'm gon' shine, I'm gon'
Alright, before we get it started
Before we did 'smoke two joints', that was Jack from the Toys
And that song 'Rivers Of Babylon'
Was written by