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A star
What the future holds
Where the past has gone
I don’t know
They’re both so
Far away
The present now unfolds
How grateful I’ve become
To find
sapphires set in snow
Resembling heaven by every wink
The Gods do fear when as they glow
And I do tremble when I think
Baby I love you
Baby I love you
He who was unseen
Ever reveal the golden mean
Of heavenly manner living
The children of chokhma rise from within
Of heavenly manna resin
Two weeks since anything resembling communication
The violent synapses seek isolation

I'm stuck in a silent hell

Two weeks since anything
It's like you knew
And could it be lost
That kind of Semblance resembling us

Pearlescent skin
And could you see us
Glaring straight at you from a mile
at all

All her might
Was it the force behind the family?
Bound and tied
Keep the bottle down
To our surprise
Suspect you had discipline
picture resembling you
And a piece of my spirit that'll always be blue

You haunt my dreams
To this day
With tears and with laughter
On a loop that replays
This time you've dug yourself an anchor 
too heavy to move ahead with
Resembling a faker, charming snake oil tankers
Don't let them strike you
hard when you have low self esteem 
Wishing life was easier then having a dream 
Mirror resembling can't hear my own screams 
Feel like one of them
tenants now, resembling scriptures
Sitting beside my resentments,  now they're in the picture
I'm just here withcha, i'm kinda like a witcher, look to my
When you need someplace nice to hang your hat
And you want something resembling a balanced breakfast
There's a place that I know. Grab your bags it's
paralyzed my feelings, now I'm resembling Timmy
And what it all boils down to
This would've never happened if I was around you
I'm in a circus of feelings,
wasn't rational 
For even a person resembling a broken jar 
Sealed inside a better jar without a label or 
Anything close to an explanation 
Besides it
What are those noises from the skies?
Resembling terror, resembling our demise
Who dare antagonize the Hive?
You'll be met with pulsar fire!
Baby bow down I like when you on your knees
Paid for the chills on my neck yeah like a couple g's
Diamonds on me wet yeah they resembling the sea
can't hold
I don't like it when I open eyes and my heart everything blacked out resembling dark cloud 
Young nigga in the hood cover face with em hoods
Transformed into something that's resembling me
And I can't sleep at night knowing it's all my fault, I hoped you know
Nothing can come of this, I swear I made
my hands will turn to ice

Let's steal from anything, everything resembling law
We don't really believe anything, everything the sky says to us
Upon the ruins of the future
I climbed to behold
A distance so pale
An existence so cold 

Resembling the views
These angels of damnation
Brahma to save them from the hands of this evil, Asura.
Gajasura, has obtained a boon from Lord Shiva that only a creature resembling
Him can kill
everything maybe a wedding ring
Resembling my future in a way
Clock can tick tock we got all day
We all one like Simunye
I got a picture for everything maybe
the evergreen
Motes of dust resembling constellations

Every step directed with purpose
Unwearied in your desire to seek
The others seeking virtue to follow will
Brahma to save them from the hands of this evil, Asura.
Gajasura, has obtained a boon from Lord Shiva that only a creature resembling
Him can kill
Who says the earth is crumbling 
And no sky is falling through 
Sometimes, I just can't die 

The world should be resembling 
But not just right

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