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It's goin' down
Not now but right now
By now you know the sound
It's dilation, cats with 20/20

I tell nickel and dimers try
really good as gold 
She can make my grandpa 
Feel like he's six years old

I got 20:20 vision and that's all I need 
Enough to keep my baby here by
good as gold. 
She can make my Grandpa, feel like he's six years old. 

I got 20/20 vision, and that's all I need. 
Enough to keep my baby here by
Don't know why
The world turns out to be
The way
It is
As time goes by
Oh, I
Don't know why
True love turns out to be
The stuff
Held by the inescapable 
I try to put my mind at ease 
Protect the heart worn on my sleeve 
That's when I feel brand new 
I'm looking on the bright
give our power into your heart
We fight by your side
Now where you will go?
We have to know!

I'll ride.

Now I can see how
When I think of all I put you through
Always taking you for granted
I never saw it from your point of view
Blinded by the double standard

and might you must head for the fight or die
Die by our hand

The man, with the force, Kill him now, Kill him now
Held by the inescapable 
I try to put my mind at ease 
Protect the heart worn on my sleeve 
That's when I feel brand new 
I'm looking on the bright
The Leicester YOP, TEP, instructor
Emerged from corridor
His state-subsidized cannabis haze
Moved reptilian in its all-levelling routine
I said
Coiled forever in the darkness below
They await for the right time to strike
Defending the truth and protecting the lies
Reptilian, shedding their
Addiction of a different kind

He?s got 20/20 vision making a decision
He?s so unaffected by what he has rejected
Rooted and grounded -
He?s standen up to be
or whoever you're talking to, Tesla - whoever you're talking to. Problems of the future can be solved by mankind because you create them. And you have
20/20 hindsight
Sometimes I wish I could crash and burn

Crash and burn
And I never ever felt so lonely
Crash and burn
Can't look them in
If I said something to make you mad
I will take it back

Long lines and warning signs
Think of all the lives saved by plastic knives
It's naive,
new songs
Catch a falling star I'll be by the bar working on my next two wrongs
Finding somebody that's gets me huh
Ready and spreading to sex too
the end

I could tell you were the kind to love and leave 'em
Tears would be all I'd have to show
I was hypnotized by those fine Levi's
So I couldn't say
by 12-year-olds sweating in Shenzhen

He says, 
Let's drive, drive, drive
Till we burn, burn, burn, 
We can choke on it later on tonight
Future in the club, poppin bands on them hoes
Go ahead Gucci Mane, toss some grands on the floor
I'm gettin a table dance by a fine ass ho
Got me coming
stricken breathing
And a pulse conducted by our dying lines.

You said my heart sounded like a payphone in the rain.
Distorted, distant, scrambled
20/20 vision
Who've seen the world for all its worth
With crystal clear precision

There's more to see than can be
Seen or said than what is heard
The day
Let the blackness roll on
Mother's cool reptilian womb
Ain't so cold tonight
My fingers trace the exit wounds

By graveyard light
There's bone
the water and destroyed the air 
All done by a people that I said they just don?t care 

Down on me 
Set me free 
Let the rivers
the boards was a figure obstructed from view
20/20 is nothing at quarter to two
He stumbled over to confirm that this was true
And couldn't stop his screaming
A tattooed madman, I am hell on wheels 
Born a wicked child left alone in the fields 
My father was the wind, my mother was fire 
Raised by