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Since it is thus (it is thus) 

I must (I must) 
Release (release) 
Myself (myself) 
For with thou be reprimanded (reprimanded) 
Hit 'Em! 

picking up
Undemanded, so backhanded
Alone (Alone, alone, alone)
I just wanna be alone
Reprimanded, empty handed
Unknown (Unknown, unknown, unknown)
I just
have no ransom
Payed my deeds-reprimanded
My life I've been cave abandoned
Me and you sounds romantic
My love for you is gigantic
Girl why you so
Work this hard to get, diamonds on my wrist
She a 10
I'mma fuck her friend
She got reprimanded
By 2 when I whip my coupe
I'mma tell a ho stay

Think about if you really need it
You better believe it
Do you take it or leave it
Or abandon ship, it's gonna go down

You seem to think it's just
Hey hey
But I ain't going home for no one

I just wanna color outside the lines
I've been reprimanded about a thousand times
I'm a, rule
But I don’t wanna give up this fight
I’ll do anything for my rights
How can you let this pass
This ain’t right, it’s unfair
We cannot let the devil
A boy sits with a blank stare
Getting reprimanded in his high chair
Showin' no respect for his honey bee 
Buzzin' far too long in his toxicity
for some milk that he demanded.
Knowing they'd remain the boss
Knowing he would pay the cost
They saw he was severely reprimanded

nIn the blackest
I've spent half a lifetime 
Waiting for someone 
You say I know it was you 
They don't recommend it 
I don't understand it 
I've been reprimanded
his chain for tryna floss
Died over a cross just like the start of Christianity
When I was a boy, the teacher often reprimanded me (Jermaine)
Billy fought the sergeant for some milk that he demanded
Knowing they'd remain the boss
Knowing he would pay the cost
They saw he was severely reprimanded
Jeremih, T.I., we collectivize
Rectify, outstanding
Premeditated, never reprimanded
In the mask lookin' like a bandit
Jettin' in my jet to another planet
Undecided, undefined
Undisturbed yet undermined
Relocated not retired
Reprimanded and rewired

Mystified and misshapen
Misinformed but not
sentimental thoughts about this Caucasian
Six million in the hole, still feeling short-changed
Reprimanded by someone who's snorting cocaine
Frank Hampton
on fire, on fire

Sometimes it hurts when reprimanded
It hurts him more than it's hurtin' you
He'll pick you up from where you landed
When he knocks you
The conditions in my city was gettin' bad
So I hit the academy and walked away with a badge
I need to piss so I stop at the Valero
I see a guy
can't stand it

Motherfuckers need to be reprimanded and straight jacked
These boys is givin' the wrong niggaz out here respect
Break ya neck to fuck
the next chapter in braille and left handed
Consider yourself reprimanded
Fresh rap shit and y'all know we the best at it
Just let me feel abrasion
Perfect for all occasions
I'm not of that persuasion to look not touch

I got caught red-handed and got reprimanded
Now my
reprimanded for every
Snapping sinew, shall I?

I'll take the strokes because
I skipped a beat, shall I?
I'll be accepting that my time
Ceases here, shall
this planet I'm f'real god damnit!
Any MC's left standin without skills get reprimanded
and branded with out logo, Organized for dolo
Without affiliation
I don't understand, you claim that I'm a handful
When you show up all empty-handed
The way you say you love me
Like you've just been reprimanded
now your cancelled 
While I've been planted wished granted 
And now it's over reprimanded 
Because I'm the bandit and I stand it when I said

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