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星空下 多少人祈求
星空下 多少人索求
舍弃两字 我付出太多
亲吻爱人 我就解脱
Come on baby 告诉我
Come on baby 告诉我
My baby 不必多说什么
My baby 装作沉默
Keep repressing, say it again
I know you love me
I know you love me
I know you love me
I’ll bet, you love me
I know you love me
Heart-broke kid I'm back to repressing all my
something worth investing in
You keep repressing it
Only a day old, haven't got to grips with it

I'm so much better
I don't have to be on my own
they hurt and I'm losing control
Repressing the feelings I had back then
Not looking for love and I'm broken again
Hoping that God can fix me amen
won't ignite

How do I know?
All of the bitterness inside
Repressing and holding back
Adding to the landslide
You need to let go  
All the resentment
Repressing all my cries of anger and hate

Days grow bleaker as time linger on
Nights seeming less frequent
Questions ignored and left in the void
Maybe I need help
Instead of repressing
The stuff that’s depressing
Yeah maybe I need help
If I want these thoughts just to go away
I lie awake
a red X on the day you left
It was a year or two ago and no one's seen you since
I'm repressing regrets from the day it all went down
The day it all went
You feel low
you want to kill yourself
There is no way to fade out
It's not you
this pain will go away
It's so hard to leave you
the message? 
I got power I've been repressing
So keep pushing me 
Keep pushing me
Keep pushing me
'Til you bring out the devil
Yeah keep
Pixelated dreamers turning into plastic people
Simulated thinkers praying in a plastic steeple
Repressing our fears and irrepressing our shadow
of a girl, nothing left to lose
Day gonna come when you have to choose

You've been stressing, it's depressing
Still repressing, all you feel inside
And if I'm
What ever
Everytime I can't stand someone
I should be careful
Cause it's living inside of me
And I'm repressing it right now

All the people that I
Harbinging essence of instability 
Ingesting and repressing
The need to see beyond dreams taken by the leprosy

Forced to become hosts to a miasmic strain
to search and scour
The space that I'm in to win
Guilty pains are pressing, I'm repressing the expressing
Afraid to let you in
Getting accustomed to equity
at the apex... I got the balls to score-the goals I utter.
Need you be tampered... I ain't afraid of repressing your gutter.
I gotta check up... Ng'shisa kakhul'
to survive and not die 

Killing the will 
Killing the crowd 
Killing repressing, burn on the floor 

Burn at will 
In the middle of the crowd 
Who will not uphold
The sacred façade
Repressing the rise
of emotional misery?

Who will call the bluff?
And reveal reality
Who will meet them head
Repressing only raises the tension
I saw you staring at my photograph and it seemed you liked what you saw
You looked at me and I could feel the rage
Nothing could be funner
Than repressing every feeling from last year that was a bummer

Yeah it's time to get outside
Now that we've got the vaccine
was gently taken
Away from me, away from me?

Awaking the memories
Was I meant to get old?
Repressing the agonies
Start breaking the mold

Confessing something depressing that was repressing
Felt like someone understood that music is my passion

As I stand here on the edge
There's no better
might see me wet it
Your lines like coke that I keep re-pressing
My rhymes like coke that I keep repressing
Where's the Merc, I thought you were
what a give away.  Did you here that, did you here
that, eh?  That's what I'm on about -- did you see him repressing
me, you saw it didn't you?
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