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Been gopherin', chaufferin', company chairmen.
Coffee maker, copy repairman.
Anymore there ain't nothin' I swear man that I don't do.
Been juggling,
I hitched a ride with a vending machine repairman
He said he's been down this road more than twice
He was high on intellectualism
I've never been
Spacey kid has no phobic clock
With no hands
Easy flee, easy bullet, easy plea
No repairman'll come
Now they fill up the sky
No place is left
finally falls apart.

Call the repairman,
In a week he's there man,
To knock your kitchen walls apart.

Tommy's got a bloody nose,
Gotta fix
think that got him down?

Here comes the end when there're gadgets to mend
He's the best repairman in town.
So there's nothing to be ashamed of,
Call the repairman and he'll sort you out with his bag of tricks (bag of tricks)
I am repair man won't you take a bow, come on give me space, tell

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