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I awake covered in snot
Dreamt I swallowed my teeth
And tried to cough them up
Pulmonate gastropod

Oh, for insomnia!
Render me proficient
Burn like a slave
Churn like a cog
We are caged in simulations
Algorithms evolve
Push us aside and render us obsolete

This means war
For those whose eyes would see

Render them in faith to me

For all those seeking peace

In my arms their strife shall cease

And place in
I ever say?
Except I

When a walk in the park only renders darkness
When a walk in the park only renders darkness
When a walk in the park only
the place turn the water into wine

But I feel I'm getting nowhere
And I'll never see the end

So I wither
And render myself helpless
I give in
to wander

The race to render your vision
A fracture in the world can devour
Return to the light of the bearer
The radiant breaks down into life

And things won’t go my way
Now I’ll have to fade away, my friend

So pass slowly
And carry me down
And render me lonely
When you’re not
never felt so content

A high-speed collision gave a new sense of sight to me
And now my vision can render the scene
A blurry image of wreckage
the big tower, I'm holding your hand
And of all the things I want to be
I render illusion, illusion is calling
There's something here in this dark scene,
a gente esconjura
Pois não vai render, o, o
Já fiz uma figa talvez eu consiga
Parar de sofrer

Diabo de vigário, urubu no campanário
Só fala de pecado
the promise land

The purity has taken leave with
The modern age supremacy
Manipulate the siege
Grant me the means to
Render useless the machines
to render
You legal and tender
When you used to
Send her your promises boy
A dill or a dollar
Unbutton your collar
Come out and holler
Out all of your
Another lesson has been taught
I stand alone and count my loss yeh
So I've got to keep cool yeh
Render my love and you refused it
Got to keep cool render my
We've been caressed by each others' lives in death

Blood stained sheets
Mask our grief
Will render out tryst incomplete
Will render out tryst
sanctifies the future
Yet renders us with fear
So many theories, so many prophecies
What we do need is a change of ideas
When we are scared
We can hide in
Never enough
Render your heart to me
All mine...
You have to be
From that cloud, number nine
Danger starts the sharp incline
And such sad regrets
removed this temptation that's troubled my innocent child
To abduct and abuse
And to render ? and defiled
But the river is deep to the base of the water

And you
Have removed this temptation
That's troubled my innocent child

To abduct and abuse and to render, (bereft?) and defiled

To mend
We already know
Without being told
Will render broken whole
We already know
Without being told
We're out of option
lack of spine
From social mores indemnified
Destined to vision through blindeye

You favor regression, an act of oppression
A blow for behind render
I can confide in these fists
To break down the standards we rely

Forget about your nervous hands
They will only render you useless

What I'm
Will drown it be
Will drown it be
Will drown it be

But if you cull
And let me pass
You may render me a wreck
When I come back
So calm your waves
Renders of the clouds we are
Swarming as sinners to the universal presence of the fall
And to taste the fruits of lunacy
Before we fall

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