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from cold night,in the morning.
'Tis the morning of my life.

In the daytime I will meet you as before.
You will find me waiting by the ocean floor,
crescendo when you die
So hit the rewind and listen
It's the playback
The soundtrack to your life

First step, your last breath
Everything's been
[Japanese version only]

As the wind sweeps my mind in bewildered movements
My shattered thoughts begin to gather

I remember when you came to me
on by a thread.
Jeremy knows what he wants to be over qualified to under achieve.
He's got a different version of succeed.
A crusty crusader
that you are great but you can't remember why
I will be there by your side

I will remind you, I will remind you
I will be, I'll be your memory
I will
that you are great but you can't remember why
I will be there by your side

I will remind you, I will remind you
I will be, I'll be your memory
I will
Mustard on your lip
I knew I loved you by the bottom of the fifth
I never planned it

A million perfect moments go rushin' through my brain
Our first
I remember waking up with a start
There was no one else around, it was dark
Lonely hallways, broken lights everywhere
City soundtrack paused
starting to crack,
If you're out to get me,

You're on the right track.
Hey, hey!
I'm dazed and confused,

Hanging on by a thread,
of the youth
The confusion of the people and their struggle for truth
Yeah, regroup and renew
Time to regroup, renew the ambition of a nation
1986 Version

Suicide rate going up 
Homicide cases piling up 
Rape and killing even with innocent little children 
To those that can really see
remember where you came from, where the purses was stole
There was nothing in the oven and just work up on the stove
And you blossomed from the bottom,
On top of the hall
Pure soul is what the city
Most popular for
Hear the tones
That will ease you
As Bunny Sigler's soundtrack
Keepin your
on the loose (oh yeah)

Fun and coma side by side
Could you say who's at your side?

All they filled up was in vain
Pools remember former
Laying in my bed I got this feeling
Only silent pictures talk to me this way
In my head by my head sits the soundtrack to the movie
And the voices
represent it
And it's


[Peedi Peedi]
Live and dirvet
I don't need no mic check
Remember mommy told me
You ain't write that
It started in
what's got into you?
This is the consequence of what you've led us to
These views are shaped by thoughts which you have never owned
You take all my
 I hear that he got back from France
 And frightened three nuns in a train in Darjeeling
 By stripping and waving his lance!
 D'you remember
the walking zombies
'Til then we pray


The king and his ghost are laughing at me
These signs, you can see
One day we will
You never could feel my wepts (remember that)
Would never have got dissed with Bone
Off to another dimension
You owe me, but I'm on my own
come let you down 
Pour me another, so I can remember how 
True that I am to this addiction of you now [2X] 

Drink it all away, numb it
you may add another name
That was the president and that was the man.
That was the president and that was the man.

Here is an older version
They on the receiving end
Of the gun
I cursed you
Everytime I climb
You're getting fired
One by one
But taking one with me
Cause she knows
and you, the world is yours and mine.

[Jermaine Dupri]
I remember when we first hooked up we were only 17, 
cut-off shirts and jeans was your only way
what more can i say/ you want to hang wit us ridin/ you'll be hiding while we're gliding/ flying by and shit/ you better quite trying/ before you and all