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to smile
Been betrayed once again, it happens all the time
Heart bigger than your body, love be hard to find
Friendships got tainted, I remained amazin',
hurt badabenbenben

I have a dream here
Remained therefore
A desire, that it knows them

Hour that six remained single
Excuse, but to me m'
love, our love remained the same
And our love, our love remained the same

Looking back at the times that we thought that we were over
And how we learned
Once the love was strong
Now it's long, long gone
?Cause the pain came down like the storm
I remained holdin' on

?Cause I want you, ?cause I want
Once the love was strong
Now it's long, long gone
Cause the pain, came down like a storm
I remained, holdin' on
Cause I want you, cause I want you
Once the love was strong
Now it's long, long gone
'Cause the pain came down like the storm
I remained holdin' on

'Cause I want you, 'cause I
I remained the same.

Facing fears with no fear on my face.
Through all the roads I traveled, 
I remained the same, facing my fear. 
When you
Was buried deep beneath the surface

A shell of what things could have been

Tired bones beneath a veil
Of guarded secrets all too frail
Where my heart always remained
I gotta get home to you, baby
Home to you, baby
Gotta get home

Gotta get home
Gotta get home
Gotta get home

Gotta get
Is there something I can say?
To bring back what once remained
Where is all that we let go?
Where is home?

From inside I hear it calling
And somehow it seems to haunt me till the end

Do you feel the same
For what was remained
Yesterday is gone, we can't go back again
Do you ever cry for
the light
That's when I should have mentioned
It just ain't right

Every thought was in my head
But the words remained unsaid
It was on the it of my
mind remained unbended, he had to die, you know he had to die.

Spanish lady comes to me, she lays on me this roes.
It rainbow spirals round and round
We scattered like the shadows in the early morning light
But she remained to bring the body home

For longer that it seemed he loved some honest man
or cruel
No lies conceal
We could wander, we could stray
But the shame, has remained
Has remained
It has remained
As the hours moved
Toward dawn, toward dawn
I was convinced he survived
Toward dawn, toward dawn
To know our destination
Nothing remained, nothing remained
point of no return
There was ... nothing left to reach

Just traces of sadness
(All the tears remained uncried)
Just echoes of madness
(All his fantasies
The living remained and suffered, the mother suffered,
And the wife and the child and the musing comrade suffered,
And the armies that remained suffered..
we in the Phantom, lookin' at the stars
When all this money came, these hoes played on me
I remained the same nigga, so please don't change on me
I’ll tell you then

You know I remained right by your side
Push through the rain and into the fire
'Cause when I said I loved you
That’s just what I
we were cracked in the jaw
Elvis made a bundle while we remained poor
We remained poor
but we be jammin'

I'n'I will see you through [Repeat: x2]
Was just a common ten cent ring?
What if your ice castles melt down to water?
What if your great walls remained
As little more than cellophane

Can't hold it
It burns
Each night I cry in pain

And blood tears I cry
Endless grief remained inside
And blood tears I cry
Endless grief
who yearn prosperity
From this single act of sanity
Will raise you far above humanity

Secure from the world, the child remained hidden
A serpent

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