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She said "Richard leave it to the gods"
Way back baby they lost the plot
I ain't stupid
Relying on cupid now
From my quiver
An arrow for my bow
On the boat, trying my best not to sink (Yeah)
On the boat, trying my best not to sink (Yeah)
Oh no the wind, relying upon the King (Yeah)
Sky is falling
Down in the middle of a brand New storm
Sky is falling, don't be alarmed
Someone's crying
No more relying on them
Down in the middle
Oh yeah
Money calls
Relying on the alcohol
I kinda' miss who we was

I can't
Seem to comprehend
Where you and I both stand
Have none but good intent
Own thang own thang 
Ain't relying on no man no man 
She already know the program program 
And she bout to do her own thang 
She own thangs 
relying on a pistol
I know its not your fault, but can you help us stop dying Mr. pistol
Gunshots ringing the sound of crying is the whistle because we end
but beautiful 

Now I am trying 
Trying to see 
Why you're relying 
Relying on me 
You're death-defying 
Vying to see 
But your face is lying 
have a clue
I'm not relying, I'm just not relying
I'm not relying, I'm just not relying
I'm not relying
I'm just not, I'm just not
I'm just not relying
And I get so angry sometimes
I get so sad
But I just keep revolving, revolving, revolving
And I get confused
And feel so misused
But I just keep relying
dark desires
There's something I don't understand

You want me, you'll find me
Open for trust, trusted for love
Relying on faith, but faith's not
Alright, I think I got it off the top
Relying on myself I never asked for a handout
To generate the wealth, save it, I don't need no hands out
of the game 

Oh, oh

Well you know it hasn't happened yeah
You're relying on your next cheque 
I know that you're a glamour puss
My explanation's
leave you now - you've given up all your friends
Your relying on her - for your independence
She can't leave you here - alone & defenseless
Your relying
And I'll follow wherever You lead
I'm so tired of all this misery
And relying on my own strength
Just like the northern lights
There's still beauty in
oh fuck i'm overthinking 
too scared to show no i don't wanna spill my weakness
anxiety got me relying on these happy pills 
i hate to admit but i
I gotta stack it i don't wanna worry bout nothin' when I'm on the gas
I gotta flip it I can't be relying on people who don't got the bag
Rack it up
the sun
When everything in my life has turned blue
I know I believe I'm relying on You
You're the one, you're the one
One and only love

All that glitter
It's hard to say our love had it's place
But the time is over,
It ran its course
I can't let it go on knowing
That you're relying on me
When I'm
See no evil
Hear no evil
Speak no evil
Be no evil
See no evil
I been tryin but it's evident
Hear no evil
I been relying on the evidence
Speak no evil
And I oh I
Yeah I'm doin' alright

They call you windy and violent
But you got so many relying on you

They call you windy and violent
But you got
The sun might be shining
But I'm still relying
On myself for my own sake
There's no silver lining in sight
It's still in hiding
The clouds just won't
And again I get hurt
Just another devastation
Relying on these fantasies
I stay up dreamin' about what this nigga could be
Should be, would be,
I know somebody is out there praying for me
My kids are out there counting and relying on me
Let's talk to them (Yeah)
Before I go to sleep I pray I
to my word even when I liquor stumble
Ain't got the answers but these goofies be relying on me
They see me winning now these haters prolly schemin on me

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