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that ludicrous
Hey, hey, hey (turn it up)

Juug (Juug)
Hey, beat the case
Relocate, then reload safe
Juug (Juug, juug)
Dj, Wraith
Go Away

Go Away, Go Away
Catch a flight today 
And ima relocate, 
Cash came, I’m making bank
Get them dirty dishes out your kitchen sink

I like when you rotate
Baby rotate for now make you rotate
See I'm new in town
Because of you girl I relocate
Make you dey rotate
Na you I dey locate
re-locate, we off them rooks
So when we pull up, it ain't shit to do but look

In my "Home Sweet Home" I keep chrome next to my bones
Alters my walk
to think that
You think its best to relocate, say you need more space
Bitch I want my shit back
And every time I see your face, see your face
I start
'Bout to relocate to the Valley
When I fuck call me zaddy
Ride that wood good like a Caddy
Was shackled in the back of a paddy
Screamin', "Fuck
Let's move out, relocate
This place is in a state
Let's buy a pig or a hen

We need some open space
We need a change of pace

So life here in town
and get on your own

O-H-I-O, no place like home
Everywhere I go, I relocate my throne
Roll it up. Light it up. Fire it up
Bring a bitch to the telly
you with nobody else
You know you're mine, mine, mine, mine

Coming close (coming close)
Relocate (relocate)
Run that back (run that, run that)
Ballin' like I'm in the NBA
No, these racks cannot see TSA
They found me, now I have to relocate

Finna take off on spaceship (spaceship)
of Eve?

Turn around and face the ten houses of Eve
If only
Identity art
If only the shards would relocate back in place

In your blue green and grey
Bend we don't break, we not the bank
We all we got, switch whips
Relocate way outta state
Bada bing bada bam
It's the pupper master, all
of town
There's no knowing what you'll find there

You were out-of-state
And you were feeling lonely
Thought you'd relocate
From the city, to the city
as always but looking in the wrong place
Finna blow like propane 
Where should I relocate
No I won't stay 
I'm getting my own place 
Get this money
Get em, as I relocate i blaze and skys illuminate
As I turn around I'm
Busting shots and open fire
It's about that cash flow get it
Ready blast off dope
tryna flip the bitch oh no
Miss my exit, relocate
Ten check engine light came on
We ain't tryna tell you set this off
You tryna flip the bitch oh no
that's insecure, watered down, my shit is pure
Write down my number but don't call me til you sure
I ain't beggin' just tryin' to relocate between ya
Bunch of criminals and money in my phone calls, ayy
We okay, we let the A1 fly
Relocate, jump on the same G5
Checkin' for me heavy 'cause I go yeah, I
to me
Send it to me
Send it to me

She won't have to watch her step
She won't have to relocate
I guarantee her personal security

She don't have
past you will be traumatized
Got a thousand kids outside that's tryna come alive
'99, took AstroWorld, it had to relocate
Told the dogs I'd bring it
Find a location, then relocate
Somewhere off of the ocean, they can't find a trace (yeah-yeah)

I been right for so long
I don't need nothin', never
and she hate you
We gotta do nigga what cutlass dropped down on d'z
If you pump it relocate your soul from the streets
Remember me lil g A-town to the O
to me
Send it to me
Send it to me

She won't have to watch her step
She won't have to relocate
I guarantee her personal security

She don't have
All I get is love, so that's all you gonna get 
Out here, niggaz come from everywhere
Trynna relocate, trynna become playaz
Tryin' to survive

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