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have it all 
If you loose it all
We can loose it all baby piece by piece 

When I feel nothing relinquished 
You feel nothing relinquished
You feel
the darkness
I trusted you
Relinquished all my secrets 
Hollow and unfeeling

Nowhere to run now 
Your luck has run out
Confront the demons
Shattered screams
Send forth the creature
That is stalking me night after night

Writhes within me
Voices bleed the truth
Of my relinquished
you've taken the best of me we're even so why don't you let me leave ?
Read what you signed - it tells you that you relinquished all your rights.
I can't
Lunar luminesce demystify
Solstice coalesce intensify
Exoskeleton of heaven
A ghost in the machine
Relinquished minds in ethereality

Paint you
The glorious streets of dystopia continuously running red
This is where self is relinquished
Autonomy sacrificed
The idolatry of tyrants compulsory

Relinquished power and control
Wanna have your cake - Well you must eat it

(We're climbing up the ladder)
(We're so secure we'll never fall)
Been sold that con
Live without bars of prison
I'm praying for forgiveness
Pray my sins be relinquished

Pray without retention
Live without bars of prison
I'm praying
left to discover a purpose
Relinquished from the chain of its masters

Autonomous diagnostics are engaged
Detailing all accounts of widespread trauma
desires you shall not
To question is a fate worse than death
Free will is not a right one must obey
I've followed, devoted, relinquished all my freedom
In frames of Saturday's relinquished thoughts
Of those who tried to make sense of the human heart

"All the silver-faced and embraced will turn
whiskey and roses

You set my world on fire, now I need to extinguish it
And every day with you I got higher, but you relinquished it

You set my world
that lead them forth 
I welcome them... to such delusions of grandeur 
The needs of the Utopian slave relinquished 

In the fires of nuclear waste breeds
of sway and might 

Thy kingdom shall perish 
Thy will be relinquished 
Oh lord 

The proud shall be scattered in the thoughts of their hearts 
The mighty
in them pesos
Movin’ McChickens, got bows for the low
Seen how I’m juugin’ she gave up her throat
Relinquished your bitch she just gave me her soul
the ashes
Of cities that burned
To be relinquished
Bury the crown
Beneath the ruins
Of palaces scorched
To be forgotten
You clipped the herd you were to tend
of burden and fetish

But the path I now tread
Is my way
I relinquished true love
Within this diary

Dancing in the Noble court
Never thought I could be
Jewels polished and gleaming.
Now is the time past believing the child has relinquished the rein,
Now is the test of the boomerang tossed in the night
to be relinquished
Repressed, another patient admitted
Depressed, another lie contradicted
Regress, go figure, no fucking answers
Except to save
That's where souls lie in ... (paradise? )

I'm enchanted with ... but will it be relinquished
I'm entranced with .... your kiss
I look at my world again
Your tempered steel relinquished
Hellrider, Hellrider
You slaught them all extinguished

Wrath of doom
In killing fields
They consume
Their valiants
They relinquished Sense, cause I was guilty in a sense

I ride the rhythm like a Schwinn bike when in dim light
I use insight to enlight devices hit
Boy, your top spot my hit list, sweet taste of revenge
Victory, this shit's delicious, take your swig from the bottle
Wipin' Hennessy off my
there was two of me
Motion for a recess to retest my fingerprints
They relinquished since, cause I was guilty in a sense

I ride the rhythm like

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