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Every time I pray
The fear of failure pours down on me
Once my heart is strained
I never feel like going out
People call and say
They wish that

Let me see (Chorus)

Crossing the room
I recognize the child in me
I'll close my eyes to release away all my fears

We silence the rose
From the words that you said
No, I keep planning
While God keeps laughing at me

I’m standing still on the sidelines
I’m paralyzed by the fear
lose focus
Because we are halfway there
Inception of the end
Sacrifice all your fear

Cleanse the world that would hold me back
By throat I
or Haitian
But I'm on probation
For knocking wack MC's out daily
Plus I fly heads like comets from Alex Haley
Now tell me, won't this fucking verse right
But mentally relaxed

Shedding of worries
Mind quest no fear
With gravity behind me
In rapture I sear
Reaching out gently to touch
condemned have died before me
Constrained in the chair I saw fear in their eyes
The executioner smiled as he took their

Crushing their windpipes
on to
Memories and fears

Just release me i can't take it
Can't you see a change has come
Strangled by infatuation
Buried under someone's thumb

It's easier
Feel fear surround me, closing in as the night comes down
My hands are heavy, dark shadows are growing long
I turn and look behind me; cold sweat
Show me your banner
Come show me your sign
The Crimson King's eye
Is the mark to reveal you are mine
I am your master
I will make your dreams
mess in darkness
No electricity, something's all over me, greasy
Insomnia please release me
And let me dream of making mad love to my girl
Blurs of beauty have passed me by
Scenes have flashed inside my mind
Remembered places in memory alive
Forever moving onward

An endless space
No one hears you
No one fears you
You are invisible, nothing, trace of belief

You're going blind, dazzeled by
The beauty of the day
And if you can hear, smell, see, touch, and taste.... 

Then you don't need six senses to feel me punch you in the face. 

>From Princeton, to ????? my
And I know I have the means
But my will is gone
And I fear I won't succeed so I'm holding on

A life passes by, I watch passively
I'm haunted
Deceptive visions can be so real
By trusting our gifted awareness

Mental force set free, personal energy, magic strength in me

The level of perception,
As for my lies, I burn in each and every one
As for the truth, denied by fear
And for my pain, I brought it all upon myself
This fear that I may
mess in darkness
No electricity, something's all over me, greasy
Insomnia please release me
And let me dream of making mad love to my girl
is troubled by the changing times
And he fears his dreams have died
There's a man that's waited
Hoping to be liberated 

There's a man in me who
Here we are
Witness constant change of the sky that never sleeps
And we see only the expedition tortured by the release
Once the vision leaves me
Rainman, rainman, rainman, rainman
Call me ca call me rainman, rainman

There's no need for me to lay out my clothes,
When shes not around there's
Break my bones and reset me piece by piece. 
You break me, pick up the cross cause it's killing time. 
Hey, hey, hey, how can I scream when
Tell me

Can you express your hidden passion?
Or do you live by social direction?
Moving with the madding crowed
Void of sense and self expression
release my anger 
To the once I cannot see 
My disease attracts me 
To what is wrong for me 

Hiding in the bottle 
You always try to drown the guilt
everyone meaning the same way
All you need is love
We're blinded by fear
And we hate a brother we don't understand
His differences is, is our ignorance