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life pour from your eyes 
Rejuvenate, rejuvenate 
Let strike fall by the wayside rejuvenate, rejuvenate 
You'll never know unless you survive 
dies out

Rejuvenate transformation
All of these pieces contained in the inner body
Unify and formulate to design new clarity
Look into their eyes
where hearts reside
And where boys fly away
Faces that I may never know
But smiles force us to rejuvenate
The hardest work that we've ever done
Don't pass me by 
Without a drop 
Just step across 
And fill my cup 
Gimme more 
It's not enough 
Rejuvenate me 
Fuel me up 
Running drier
Buried in the mountains
Cryogenic lines
Rejuvenate the terror of old and scourge again with fire
Final state, rejuvenate
Acquiring the world
Of mind without a host
Dreams unfulfilled
Ominous mental man
Leave me bodiless
Percept disincarnate
the pancreas where the stomach should be
Rejuvenate the rancid corpses
The innards glisten in their new anatomical display
I cackle with post-mortem delight
cold veins
Flesh is what I seek, Brains for me to eat
The feeling I get rejuvenates my soul
Come with me on my undead journey
Walk the earth for
think I think
We've successfully removed the tumour
Well, what does the astrologer say today ronny
Voices voices in the brilliant dawn
to keep you tied
Or keep you bound

Start today, it's not too late
Make a change, no time to wait
No big deal, you made a few
your ass regenerate, lines I rejuvenate
I'll elevate my levels of thinking brothers can't even tell they're fate
Well let's wait
Freestyle rhymes starts
break, I say break away
How much more can I take ?
I know this world can get me back up against the wall
Sometimes I feel as if there's
My Hateful Lair

Saturated In Dejection
Saturated In Dejection

Hardened By This Reality
Sights Of Vengeance
Ever So Clear
Compelled To Rejuvenate
on the wild side
Did your guardian angel let you down?
Gonna lay low and play it straight
It's time to rejuvenate
Gonna kick start your heart 'til you come
feel like from giving up from seeing all life's pain and strife
You rejuvenate me saying everything's gonna be alright
If there's a place called "heaven"
ever get time to relax
But when I do I'm just tryna rejuvenate, meditate

But I fuck with you from a distance
Yeah, yeah, oh-oh, mm
I fuck with you
we make, the moves we make
Time for the unfree
Time to rejuvenate the elderly
Time for the unfree
Time to lend a hand
Time to lend a hand
Time to make
German cars.
British clothes to movie stars.
We can kick the Spanish out for good, 
Rejuvenate the neighborhood. I'm the laughing 
Stock of all my friends,
on every city
Rejuvenate your burnt out sea put down your Philly for a sec
Close your eyes and don't fret
Listen to the audible sounds and just let
heavyweight and when I'm old and great yo I rejuvenate 

And duplicate, and slam man like Sumo tournaments 

Fake thugs get plugged and missles launched
really think there's nothin' quite so fine
As lettin' the sun rejuvenate your mind
Don't get me wrong, I really dig the moon
But it was four in
gets the grade out
It's fat or else we'd be out
Copped the rap bats from these cats out on Bleeker
Rejuvenate the plates for my people and they
Rejuvenate your burnt out sea put down your Philly for a sec
Close your eyes and don't fret
Listen to the audible sounds and just let
Your soul
Crack you with a softball in your skull
Until you've lost all memory, every morsel
Mutilate the beat, rejuvenate the street
While you duplicate

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