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This is the blood of soldiers of which the streets are now paved
And there is no reimbursement for the price that we pay
While y'all home sleep
payments are always slow
The reimbursements past due and I ain't want to forget Your barking up the wrong tree, but your about to get bit
This ain't
up your circle but why I'm not in it.
Thought I be day one, til the journey finish. 
No need reimbursement, and nah you don't owe me.
Just funny that
you just perfect
She said it is what it is and you get what you give mane
Don't you love reimbursements
Girl you just perfect
I dream about how
the pain, I should leave aside.
You owe me loads of tears. They never come with reimbursement fees.
But if you that I'm all wrong, then I'm going to cut you.
ya take a nap
You seein' all this chrome?
They're blowin up my phone
The reimbursements done
Cash reigns in our zone
Yeah, cash flow good
Is that
there to fear
I dare ask these questions
Facing the pains of truthful reimbursement of powerful lessons
Lessons of yesterday fuel the momentum of my now
stuff up, and rip another rough cut
My crew's paid mad dues, without no reimbursement
Verse after verse, the mic be Howlin like a Thirstin
And we out..
Callin out the big talk small walkin cowards
High above the ground yo we shakin out your tower
And demandin our money back, plus reimbursement

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