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to the days that I slept
With a curse research my paid dues I'm reimbursed
I burst in the crowd with a voice and a crown
I'm a King on the prowl and I see
a Harley
Lights will flash, cars will crash, smoke more junk while the junkies laugh
So my bad if I put you in rehab, you are reimbursed put it on my tab
right for you!
But he ain't no good Samaritan,
He'll make sure you're reimbursed!!
A lot more than $29.00 and an alligator purse!

Now when
You talk so loud, you talk so much and you talk so funny
But honey, what are you talkin' about
Something 'bout being, being reimbursed
For every
be on my knees, I'm too blessed
'Cause any time I make it rain I'm reimbursed

Then I let the rain fall on my enemies
Fall on my enemies
bitter life thirsty
Lovin' she ah did me when she reimbursed me
In a likkle dish she walk fi an' I thirsty
Of course you see money's the local god
what was lost reimbursed
Just a big ? on the wall, give it my all ’til they hang up my shirt

of ours, we just tryna get reimbursed
Took so many losses, swear I thought the hood was cursed
Started off with nothing, had to get this shit from the dirt
dream you die
Its just a dream that we had won to make [down in the night]
I believe that I've been cursed
Been drowned and reimbursed
Got the feeling
cursed ya?
I reimbursed ya with the truth so you know my fate
And pray I die, I'm that nigga that they love to hate
I wanna make you use yo mind, God has
I'm getting reimbursed 

Baby I know it took some time
But I'm about to hit my prime
I feel like life has just begun
I'm half done

Been a mean lover
well I should be reimbursed (let me get that)
If I only get a quarterback then I'm Jalen Hurst (yeah)

I know I said last time was the last
this album that if you feel it’s worthless
You can tell me in person you’d get reimbursed quick

I’m taking it further longer the verb is stronger
Hope I’’m reimbursed for the minutes lost
Pop another pill just to loosen up
to come, I'm getting reimbursed
Baby I know it took some time 
But I'm about to hit my prime
I feel like life has just begun I'm half done 
Been a mean lover
stand up twerk
Leave yo man and yo purse
***** leave yo manners at church
Throw it back like I got reimbursed
She surprised me at first!
One look in her
thought I deserved 
Sold myself a soul sucking solution
Well I hope I get reimbursed 

Is there more to this life 
Than just worry and working
I try to defy
to hers
Maybe one day you'll be reimbursed
For the pain that I felt - the pain that you dealt
The diamonds and hearts
They're hard

Our love has imploded
can not breathe
Time is deceased and it's after me
Ran to sea & died in the street 
Hoping for the worst 
Time is reversed; lights reimbursed
Still I
And a contribution 

Come with me to San Diego
We'll take the world and be reimbursed
Line me up and point me and say go
Then we'll go to hell, America first
Talk to a mother who hates a nurse.
Talk to a baby who thinks she's worse.
Talk to a rich man who reimbursed
The first burglar to steal a purse.
Baby 380 try to rob me reimbursed at least
Keep heat by my dough like Perkin's grease
Keep bitches in line like perfect teeth
Nigga quit back biting
separatists de-railing the trains of thought.
Reparations for misopportunities.
Pay some respect: the transitional currency.
Sleeping soundly.
now it's negative with zeros
But all you gotta do is just call and get it reimbursed
My nigga fucked up this plate for us, gotta re-rehearse

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