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Rehearse in Reverse
It starts out bad but it ends up worse
Rehearse in reverse

Starts with a big finale
And ends up like an episode of Kate
op'nin', another show

For weeks, you rehearse and rehearse,
Three weeks and it couldn't be worse.
One week, will it ever be right?
Then out o' the hat,
started, ain't no way you could reverse this
We do this for real, it ain't no way to rehearse this
You play 'round with mine, I fuck around and get you
Go slow take it
Time's not picking up

Babe I think it's time to rehearse
A little practice never hurt
Fill me baby quench this thirst
Hold me close
Fucking with my brothers, you gonna get it worst
And your squad full of actors dog, better go rehearse
And my team getting money nigga everyday
Get in my mode, and put my phone, on do not disturb
I just want what i desire and what i deserve
If you not rooting for me than you none of my
Kind of crazy that we can't rehearse
I wanna make a new day for us
Can't we wish it could stay?
I wanna make a way
I wanna make a way

I feel so gentle that the lord seeps in
On the back of the organ's reedy din
Here where the concert choirs rehearse
Here where dead poets wax their
Heated verses
Lucy cursed it
Please rehearse it
No rework it
Dreams of being
Seen in person
Diamonds gleaming
Pineal open
Beast awoken
Shout it out
Lines keep coming, and I rehearse them 
I remember the summer, that we first met 
This guy was smart enough, to get your number 
I’ve been dying
Ooo yea
Ooo yea
Wake up get right out found a purpose
Especially when it’s coming to these verses
Jot it down l practice then rehearse it
Ima work it
spirit hangs 
My spirit hangs 

I've heard it all before 
Just say it one more time 
Rehearse the lines, fabricate your alibi 
Maybe if I sit still 
I'm just writing verses
I rehearse it when i smoke a joint
I could get excited
I just fight it cause i'm so annoyed
All of you get righteous
I hate
I said: “I know, where you're comin' from, I can dig it! I gotta go rehearse at the club!” 
She said: “Well, if you gotta go rehearse I'll call you
that I dread even more
Would you please
Make clear to me
I'm peering out through your opacity
Though you rehearse
Tomorrow's verse
Forgive me if I
started heatin' up
Rockin' up the richter scale
Swingin' in the chariot
Around and around we go
The senators rehearse the tale
Starring in the coliseum
can't rehearse (nah)
My pocket used to hurt, now I get racks to spit a verse (blrrrd, blrrrd)
God blessed me with some accuracy on the day I was birthed
think we're in a good spot
Cause I don't have the words to say
I've tried to rehearse but it just feels fake
Every car ride, every late night
Every time I
against me know I'll bring a herse
You niggas better go rehearse

You better go rehearse
You better go rehearse yeah

See I'm only mixing with the dealers
actions sincere
I pray critics disappear
They whisper things in my ear 
So I've been huntin' all year 
I'm diverse you vultures need to rehearse 
Tell me
purse, she leave me it's a curse
Freestyle on every verse, I got no time to rehearse

I remember every day I used to go work
Remember every day I was
worse it won't play out like we rehearse
When we each make our own choices

Oh mother, I hope someday you'll be proud of me
Not for doing what you want,
In shaping frames the right of way, gets lost behind you.
And from this day we chase away, and lose our minds too.
Rehearse, refrain the jubilee.
live forever 
I'll rehearse the best so I remember 
Wish that I could press rewind 
Wanna bring you back to life 

I close my eyes
 Breathe in deep 

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