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Moving weight
Yeah we moving weight 
To another state

Cant let shit depreciate 
You get what you make 
I get what I take

Rob Me 
You Dead
I'm firing on all cylinders, got me to Beluga Bazooka the small Dillinger. 
Fucking with me stupid recruiting an old villagers, 
mentally regrouping
Yeah, yeah

Need it all
Need it all
Need it all
Need it all

Look at what I saw, this the new shit, not at malls
Flex on hold, I'm regrouping, check
connected where you spend it
Thats how you defund the henchman
It's movements over mentions
Regrouping with inventives
Redirecting all investments
Got my
your face when I'm regrouping
500 Ways infiltrate my opponents
No chit chat I just spray in the moment
Rectify these wrong retrieving power that you're
Loom on a stoop
Puking and group youths in youth groups
Regrouping super human cooler kids
Born brooding, butch and brown Brutus
Storms brewing
wine house was alive I'll be her groupie
Beat the bricks out of you, regrouping
YBN, steering shit in my 2 seater
Bad broad with me she just caught
Shut downs I'm rebooted
Regrouping so what the fuck you want now
Good vibes around all around
Like we bought the bar crown
taught to be ruthless cruising down eighth winter
Time whip roofless say it three times I'm the coolest but
Don't really fit it so I guess I'm regrouping
aint cupid 
RiP BabyCuh we was all troopin 
Shootout ona scene, Bitch we regrouping 
Young nigga frm da ghetto
Kick yo body so its not moving 

seclusion for regrouping 
That's synergy and fusion
Yea, u can see it boosting 
Everybody mooching 
And that shit becomes nuisance 
Man My ex lied in Houston
it won't last 
Down by a changing view that holds a sense of you and a reflection in eyes 

Time for re-grouping, a heart that is stooping... with
of improving, losing instead of regrouping
While poor people put their poverty together to try to get through it

Put people over profit and put
a white man
Making White plans 
White vans in the white sand with his wife man 

I am thee 1st lady 
I'm regrouping lately 
I'm recruiting daily

I was
them, I won't despair
They are regrouping, they're coming back to stay
Twelve percent can climb back up to fifty percent
Once again, my friend, a message
re-grouping, um
[Run lame], I see how you chumps changed
[You gettin' that chump change]
We heading for Trump change, umm


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