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Or of the press
Or of the right of the people peacefully to assemble
And to petition the government for a re-dress of grievances

Revoke this verbal mental
To whisper for

Life is short, you know
We can regret
Healing wounds always help us to redress
And with you I learned to live

Come! take a chance
And give it
you know where life has gone
Burying progress in the clouds
How we learn to linger on
Head in sand
Expecting the dour 
To redress with open arms

And the few who ride peripheral
Maintain subtle advantage
Fighting hard to abstain and redress

Do you know your place 
In the big charade?
in the time
Time is what for
Redress the weight and bury them all
Time will save you come what may
Time will save you come what may 

She goes
their doom
Shall the whole team of humble no longer oppressed
And shall Ludd sheath his conquering sword
Be his grievance instantly met with redress
One rode into the east
Another to the west
In a fit of desperation
In the dark I sought redress

As the crowds began to gather 
Oh, I wailed
the space between sleep and sleeplessness
We redress all our wounds
If we replace all this hopeless hopelessness
Then we could rest

Anyone with half
sleep and sleeplessness
We redress all our wounds
If we replace all this hopeless hopelessness
Then we could rest

Anyone with half a heart would let
to obey is mine
Don't ever try to quiet maker
For the power of twister is greater than god.

I feel if I don't get redress
And if they won't leave my
collective progress (our lives are parallel)
Accepting that it's all such a mess (our lives are parallel)
Gesturing without hope of redress (our lives are
return to redress your mistakes
The same people in a future stage
What you send out returns to you
And if they hurt you
You know why they do
your country
As I spit words and verbs, attack the learning curve
In the funk style I redress what ya heard

And stop covering up my eyes and sight,
And those who make the beds,
And should you seek redress 
Can't you guess? 
Hey child they own this mess.
So if these star-dust memories, fail to please,
redress this merriness.

Ah, ah.
Away, oh. Away, oh. Away, oh.

You never see members of the away team,
But you hear them dream.
Hello? Hello? Here
to who I am
I can squish and squash and fix myself for you
Although you'd never ask/make me
I must redress these things
There's got to be a way
Puis à dix-sept ans
T'étais alcoolique
En camp d'redress'ment
Et les coups de triques
Et à dix-huit ans
Tu as fait l'armée
Chez les délinquants
Courage to endure despair
Survive, revenge, redress
Floods of blood wash nothing clean
Begin within on the path to redeem
Locking back at a beleaguered
gifts to decimate

No more the false enlightenment
Only your death
Blood seeking redress
You cry out all you like
There's no one to care
the gate 

What can we do? 
Trying to stem the flow of sand is useless. 
It's up to you start holding hands, 
And watch the balance redress, 
your perfection it reminds me of my own race to redress my own sad history of mouthed feet. Eaten hats. Teated bulls. Amish phone-books. Drunken brawls.
And all the kids with the soundbyte slave chains
Choking up lines playing who's-who mind games
All in the spell of the speechless redress
A myth of the Tories
We're here to tell you a different story

Here to redress the situation
The sounds of the Asian dub foundation

A rapper I may
reflugent with disease -
In outward motion to redress the balance by retaliation.
A terminal journey to relieve cognition of Ability
Minds lit like

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