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surely gonna die
Death is not the opposite of life
You live and then you die 
Then you re-draw lives
Then you see Selassie I

Mi na watch dem face
on swallows 
And driving our trucks in the sand
We'll redraw the maps
Wear snappy new caps
A gentle breeze will blow over the land

We'll pack up our
breath, carry your mind
Are you satisfied?
Do you feel alive?

Tired tongue and aching chest
What it takes outdoes your best
Death redraws the line
Do you
the surge of vitality?
If you join me and heed my call
Together we'll redraw reality

I'm the wish of a thousand hearts
A wish to set things right
All these things we justify them and we redraw the lines
Will it ever end?
Compromise the days behind us, let the lessons go
Will it ever end?
wait here and wait for yesterday
So redraw the maps
We're lost again
Or maybe we were never going anywhere

If only we could trace the steps
the night
Despite my best intent
Drunk with spite
And ugliness
Your skin on mine
Your lips are all I
Retrace your lies
Redraw your steps
brings with it change 
And a brand new set of rules
And we have to redraw every page
Of the blueprints that we knew

And I don?t have to tell you
Go back to your bedroom with your goddamn keyboard

My future, I see more 
You losers should just redraw
Shooting blanks in the dark 

to overthrow the state
If allowed to redraw the atlas before
I emigrate.
So I have sailed the seven seas alone,

Trying to find a shore I can call home.

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