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Need cheese cake like Frederick (who)
U hear the rederick prick u not a predict
Rick in a 7 6 six shot metal kit (Ross)

wanna see me blow
Why the rederick why I can't get my proper ettiquette

Better get all your money motherfucker get that said again
I want
the predicate felon, millionaire dollar rederick
Tellin', spittin' thesis, for my connections
Leave a nigga speechless, can't talk with a gun in your throat
show it goes
I'm a Don
Y'all all know my rederick
Got girls with code names
I call one Pegasus
We was trapping
Some of my boys moved
hustle, like a suicide last place I see no hustle 

Huh yea 
No movement, my rederick fluent 
So soothing, yea

God's plan I see him working 
I think I
Grab da latex bitch we practice safe sex
That Rederick had me feeling like I was in the matrix
Runtz by the cases
Gas gas u can taste it
Get a Nigga
the black hole yet we in andromeda and Biden I hope he stop the rederick dividing
Cuz 46 got us leaning out the window riding with extendo virus numbers going
got it I sell it my grind is untested
You started I’m a finish
You know it’s the rederick
Six shoot metal the kid is protected
A hundred on the wrist
Rederick upsetting me
Let them see it for themselves
There ain't a step ahead of me
Apparently I'm super vicious
But I'm superstitious
Cuz I'm

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