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The wine is infinite
My time is imminent
My rhyme is inlinite
And it’s recursive
The wine is infinite
My time is imminent
My rhyme is inlinite
Implanted recursive function
Failure: no exit condition
Implanted recursive function
Failure: no exit conditon
Implanted recursive function
Failure: no exit
somewhere that we will be 
Burning in the heat
It's hard to believe but I hear voices 
And I cannot keep it secret

The computer's recursive tuner
a moment on the ocean of Osyrus
Absorbing all she can for every member of her clan
Expanding exponentially like some recursive virus

She take me on, I
call you a liar 
If you think your journey's worth a single penny to the buyer 
A scar of tiny tumours, a recursive perpendicular 
The cattle runs
A cold, desolate world
Of recursive treachery
Sprawls out before the billions jaded
By social atrophy
Our faces pave the path for some
As others do
of curious urges concerned with the purge of the blurry distinction between the eternally greatest and me
I'm earnestly learning my fate is recursive 
No worse
of the military, necessary perks
Crossing a bitter barrier but it's worth it
Lost in dimensions of an infinite immersive
Equivalent exchange so recursive
Put my
Got moxie kid
Drift like joycon mark the skid
I flip my lid on the recursive loop
Launch cotton balls with a plastic scoop
Leader of the mirror
minute details?

We're a beautiful, recursive fractal of Cirrus reruns 
But being allowed to know why would ruin the role we'll become.

(Hide it, hide it
Think I just lost my mind
Think i felt it go this time
Must have fell asleep
Slipped into recursive dream
But it’s too hot to go out
Here in Elmer’s
just sweat
We're beautiful and ugly too
Don't forget this simple truth

The sunset ends where the drinks begin
Keep getting mesmerized recursive lines
of that
I wonder if you're fibbin
If you lie about the crib in which you're living
Recursive nurseries ‘cause Ol' Flow's now got a crib in the crib
And yeah
of recursion
We can use words like stack, stack frame
The active frame, push, pop, a recursive call, and our base case
Talk it over, a paragraph!
You heard me
Prosaic, privileged and pretend restrained
Fading in recursive time
I'm holding onto any reasons I can find
Am I the one to blame again
Some things are just
I heard the sound, hurting her now, recursive rounds
Dead in a drought, flop like a trout, go head and pout
Leaden with doubt,  head in the clouds,
But I know you're gonna leave when The Heat goes

When The Heat goes out, you'll be right behind following along the same recursive lines...
Stay a slave to your habitual recursive ways
Mind chained to illusions of false reality
And you'll never learn
Straying from relief isn't all it's
Worthless search of what you cannot see
Everything's recursive she wants me to perceive
Remember the last time I saw you
Golden hour seemed like a reset
Self-improvement through reflection has been a recursive work in progress
Music continues to be an outlet to release tension
Too bad I don't make
beating heart
Recursive mind
Tasted blood
Some of it was mine
I saw dust that moved
Bloodless brains
Men on machines
She's been sleeping, since the morning we failed to wake
responsibility we failed to take
our dreams are recursive we fight the battle we already
impasse gotta make an impact
Distracted by dissatisfaction
Recursive, my purpose in life is still lacking
Time passing, my mind is whip-lashing
Neurotic smart bombs fault intolerant
Lulling in recursive parabolas
Black boxes shake hands scoping for shroud lines
With ten thousand mile

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