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and soothe

Most hours evaporate
They are then were
Nights like this resonate
Ring and recur

September twenty
We fear the fall
Days short and staid and empty
to be right in whatever I say
Deeper feelings recur again & again & again & again
A complex spiral leads me to spin...
I want to live
To see the earth
That I wouldn't be man enough
It's tried and true

Tell me is there a way to rejoin
Don´t try give me reasons to keep holding on 
recur colorblind
bon recurs
Mira'm i “digue'm”, no vull que res m'agradi
No t'ho creus ni tu, respira, fes…fuuuuuuuuuu

He arribat tard, veig massa cares demanant ¿com
見失い 涙あふれて
Regret, once there was a world
Will it ever in our time recur?
Regret, the loss of a precious friend
Will our sorrow never ever end?

remains in the hearts of the cold
Now you'll never recur
You'll never recur

Read my lips a thousand times
Count the quarter's nickels dimes
Does this
per sobre de totes aquesta mort nostra
que ens ve cada dia transportada
i no deixa recurs d’agonia.

La guerra! la guerra!
la mort té mil formes
i ve
in your dirty soul 
You will find it hidden behind a wall

Can all those dreams recur on and on?
They will all be gone away

This colors could
hands were sweaty
And then those ghastly faces recur in nightmare places
Happy hours come and go much too short and much too long
CHORUS Then this
not really laughing honey
Your love letters are confetti I ripped them up my hands were sweaty
And then those ghastly faces recur in nightmare places
disturbed at that until I took another 
Look at the envelope and saw that it was addressed

Speaking of love, one problem that recurs 
More and more
will only recur

Pwy wnaeth daflu'r ffrwyth at ein llwyth?
Who threw that fruit at our tree?
Pwy all dalu'r pwyth?
Who will pay the price?
vergessen nicht was war
The blood of our kin, our blood

There's no death the dawn of stars recur
Snake to Eve: dread the fruits of earth
Those who
An endless vexation, a mistake that recurs?
A singular statistic, a product of the dice?
Checking the arithmetic, it's not quite right

I questioned
through it all
We've beat it time and time again
True love is where it all begins

The days are growing shorter
While painful memories recur
And I sink
Apel, deschid recurs la procesul de conștiință 
Că-s mulțumit de parcurs, unde-am ajuns până acum 
De tot ce-am câștigat și tot ce-am învățat pe
But I'll find the stone
I'll disperse the darkness
And the sun will shine again
And the rain will fall

Life will be awoken
Joy and spring will recur
find a way to recur
We'll find a way to infer, we'll find a way to find something
I'll remember the days of the darkened, do you remember the days
of the night, our love blossomed too
I thought, "Oh, what if he proposes?"
By the evening primroses

Where barnyard owls stir
Where petals every eve recur
Shrouded is the world your in
Just a part of a machine
Distorted is the way sun sets
A new day recurs futile faith in good

Breathing this thing
The dream recurs
Although I do not sleep
The gallows god
Calls upon me

Pulled by the roots
Twisted destruction
Enduring pain, terror

Staring down
It's part of the cycle
Walking around the city
Looking at the architecture
Each of the places and names recur
Each of the buildings' facades is
atrapa i et reté

Quan tu venies amb l'energia a dalt de tot
I jo portava tota la meva foscor
Veient-ho tot ni solucions ni cap recurs
Que m'ajudés

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