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Say it to my face
No more fucking games
This is where you pay

Step the fuck back and just bleed
You're a worthless gutless pig
Now you'll
l'essence du créateur
vers la créature
l'homme recréant l'homme à l'image de la machine
et la machine se recréant elle-même à l'image de l'homme

enivrés par
back down to you again
I've fallen Skin Deep
Have I clipped My own wings
This hallow is so warm
Recreant in My own Dreams
Ever predisposed
Carve out a place to lay resigned 
Let this silent borrowed house leave me behind

Can't be a recreant
You'll find scars 
I'm barely clawing on
If my
the consequences of your actions
Foul lies spill from the recreants mouth
My soul starts to crack beneath the weight of this putrid deception

Putrid deception
Recreant of the fold 
The impulse external now vivid in absence 
The ideal decaying 

Steeped in ruin 
Burying truth 

Resurrecting crooked abstracts
of tale a child tells? So
I sorta kept it inside
Fearing to peer at it again
I was recreant
Started bottle-necking it 
Outside of my body in doses
To anyone
The Peace
We've Loved For So Long
cuz We Have Had Enough For Too Long
We Know We Beggar All We Build Up
On Its Own

Aiming High At This Recreant World
I've lost myself in the cryptic abyss of delusion. 
My empathy left behind, I reek of seclusion. 
Eyes roll back, gaze in the mind of a recreant
A lowly recreant, after all, I've found
I was just trying to convince myself
I wouldn't be
I keep inviting myself deeper and deeper
Past the caution tape I
see what you’ve done?
There’s the blood on the wall
Through Perdition you will crawl
Cover up the stains with lies
Say goodbye to a memory
lie just to make you look higher 
Than everyone else you're a coward on fire 

Sacerdotal majesty, a recreant nonentity?
Do you remember when you said.

[The Priest]
I can heal the dead.

[The Unorthodox]
Paroxysmal ecstacy,
Yudhishthira you craven, I'll execute you and every one of your kin
Father's genius, only defeated by recreant deception
The celestial Narayanastra's
a vengeance
Still questionin' the measurement of these recreants
I gotta settle with, my metal grip'll get you credited 
You'll need a medic if you wanna be
excursion, as this ordeal has ravaged the spirits of many.

Let the stalwart prevail and the recreant falter as we descend further into the maw of calamity
""Loathsome abhorrent betrayer Heinous recreant I protest Your wretched birth Exorcise your vile entity  Blood-sucking leech Sycophant Parasitic
En recréant ce qui me manque
De ma Sicile américaine

J'ai aidé quelques connaissances
Dans leurs querelles de voisinage
Deux trois corps
Evading questions they can't explain
Recreants continually lie

Inert its too late
They've dug our graves
Indignant fate
Hybridized prototypes

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