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We were just kids back then
Too scared to be alone

You leave me in the dark
Recounting all my sins
You put words in my mouth
But who is gonna
And recounting my sins
Or let em get under my skin
The devil smiling with a grin
Wanna seek out revenge
A hold of me
Just to go to sleep
alright, it's just all in my mind
I'm so bored, I'm recounting every word that you said
It's alright I'm just stuck in my mind again
Is it a bad time? I'm
worrying and more time recounting the love
More time recounting the love

Fellow, la-la-la, la-la
Fellow, la-la-la, la-la
Fellow, la-la-la, la-la
The pain is entering, it's just a beginning
For a while the life turns little dark
But still you're recounting the beauty of your days
When you are shivering
us to care

Mend and repeat
Pull down the wool from your eyes
Enough is enough already
Rest on your hands
Settle for envy
Enough is enough
I been recounting a lot of the places
I go when I'm stuck in my mind
All of the thoughts in my head are reclusive
I'm losin' perception forgettin'
into your heart
Like seeds into your heart
Let it fall and wait
Pushing to the sides only recounting all the lies
until the sunshine in my life has gone
Burning your friends to ashes
Took your days away to flaccid limbs in splendor
Wells berating, recounting the pain and counting the rain on your
Of contentment

And we'll live on
As phantoms
Blowing through the wind
Recounting our sins
And I'll leave this world young
And you'll move on
But you may find
surprised by the smile in His eyes as He tells us the things we got right 
Forgiving our sins and recounting the wins of the souls brought from darkness
each day recounting
The moments I don’t want to lose

Traded in a room with a view
For a Vista of a fence
My father left my mother
And my world didn’t
me up like she wanna be friends 
Fuck her once and I'll do it again 
In the end I'm just counting my bands
Adding it up and recounting again
Bad blonde

Signing papers as a romantic way
To say forever in concrete land
I feel it in my bones
My tears roll out cause i saw yours

Recounting memories in
Recounting all the lines I'd give to your expectant eyes
But I failed to see the signs

It's not the first time that my thoughts would get the best of me
recounting all my faults?
And are you racking your brain just to find them all?
Could it be that I've changed? Or did you?

Stop asking why
Why we had
Lost in thought
Recounting the cost when sanity became askew
When turning the pages of life concentrated
On killing the sorrow that tears us in
has been hard so far

I said skeletons are fine, your closet or mine
And we took turns recounting the details of lost time
And when we had both admitted
By the times I was blinded
In hopes that you still would be there
Recounting our brief love
Was all I could think of
Maybe I'll find it somewhere
alone wasn't half as bad as being obsessed 
With a breath taker, 
A smile faker 
But these years alone have eaten me alive 

Recounting pages in
in your warm bed
Recounting all the things you'll never forgive
Falling asleep in aluminum
Waking up next to porcelain
I'm waking up next to porcelain
them out on high stools at a bar by the harbour
Recounting a tale of an elephant's trunk swinging
Ken knocked their table
Glasses rolled and smashed
Six pages deep
I'm still recounting all my thoughts about you
I'll write them down I'll struggle to fight this sleep
'Cause I don't want to wake up
to the people on the ground down below
Now I'm sitting in that backyard with my grandson on my knee
Recounting words of wisdom that my grandma told to me - she

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