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As we build a brand new planet 
Lets reconstruct and get it straight 

Unlock forgotten skills 
Travel to a new dimension 
Souls from the dark
I can't describe the feeling when

I'm in my bed asleep and then
I wake up with a vision blurred
And all my efforts are deterred
To reconstruct
devastation and reform
I'll destroy everything I love and the worst part is
I'll pull my heart out, reconstruct
But in the end it's nothing but a shell of what
To devastation and reform
Destroying everything I loved
And the worst part is
I pull my heart out, reconstruct
And in the end it's nothing but
The shell of what I
Which we can only repaint never reconstruct our perceived power
Of change divided and spread so thin so as to be rendered ineffective
If the collective
are on are march to reconstruct society
We are here to show you our side of reality
Riot, burn the streets!
Feel our purifying napalm!
Shoulder blades
A reflected image
Let the light wash over us
Deconstruct and reconstruct
My woman
Let the light erase the day
Let it out, let it out
animated truth.
Picture of a world of imagination,
physical world is just interpretation.
Reconstruct myself. Dreamscape.
Imagine images of your
you're mine, all mine

Transmit through their end
Send and receive my own rhythm
There's no one out there
There's only us

Reconstruct me and more
finally reach your aim 
You will never be able to 
Gain back the time you lost between 
You're trying hard to reconstruct your image 
And you're doing
a liar
A crumble tumble down
In fumble bumble town
Our lives a ruin
We reconstruct a bit
And pretty up a bit
We hardly know what we're doing
I want to build you up (brick by brick)
I want to break you down (brick by brick)
I'm going to reconstruct (brick by brick)
I want to feel you
Yeah can you rebuild

The bridge that you burned
The patience to reconstruct
Or let ashes wash away

Fight for what you want
Let nothing
to solve this puzzle 
What is not yours I don¹t want, my mind aching 
To reconstruct my thoughts or let it blow away 
You are all-knowing, changing, yeah

When your mind begins to reconstruct
The sadness into laughter
Maybe you can turn the karma into
Happy ever after
If you find a way to do
to reconstruct yourself
Time to test the water again
Well it's sad to see
It's a tragedy
That you're wasting away
Look around tell me
Is it really worth

Dispose, discard, deny

And I will feel no pain
I resent what's been said
Ideas under offer into red
I object all the same
You and your stupid army are to blame

Reconstruct or disregard
I'd loved
Head on the bathroom floor
Tackling in my demon voice
Millions of years go by
Memories of peace and love
Killing to reconstruct
And what will
You in my arms

I have a love
I have a love for this world,
A kind of love that will break my heart
A kind of love that reconstructs and remodels
All the kids are fighting round our town

I'm going to drag you down with me
I'll take you walking by the sea
I'll reconstruct the sweetest sound
When we begin to reconstruct events, it lends itself to legend, yes
The amount of love that goes into the sets is very obvious
In this scale model,
Despite the scenes you built to lure me
Redeemed! At last a time to reconstruct myself
But what's the use for redemption if the outcome is this
out your open window
(outside looking in)
Turning back the hands of time

Let's reconstruct the scattered lies
Pieces from the scene of the crime

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