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Can't ever say that you are nothin', time to live right no reoffending
Gotta show the world that you are something
Name in the game, what I'm
I ain't gonna give you the attention
Too much tension, let this be a lesson
To all of you sheep, here's what I'm recommending
Get out yo head and stop
The charges are impending
Requesting more delays
A joyous gleeful ending
Or debilitating fears
The doctor is recommending
Cheap smokes and thirty
money more than you can spend it 
You in school and plus you got got good credit 
I'm the one your friends are recommending cause
When you with me you
We ain't playing greens but we be spending it
Lifespan is short, try extending it
If you ain't into reading, I'm recommending it
I'm reading Carter
Listen to me recommending
Who you think you are offending
Drop my voice like I am descending
Hit you with the post now I am trending
I show up
I attended
about the Dawn of Dan
Persuasive, persistent, inspiration to the chef's presence
I'm recommending that you get to buying his records
They carry lessons,
but I’m recommending
that you don’t tempt me or I go on a kill streak
Please trust me no matter who you be sending
They can not end me they will never
where we headed, can you see a dead end
Tell me what's your method, when we stressing, what you recommending
Love our peaceful conversations, building
On Netflix
It's a wormhole that never seems to end
Recommending what's next for attention
Scrolling through my feed just to look for a mention
Even better if you spread it
It's why I'm always recommending that you lead with your heart
I'm tryna love more than ever like i'm 5ive
If you know that
Say what's on my mind, I don't care who I'm offending 
There's no toilet needed, I'm the shit, there's no pretending

A lot of shit going real
Oooh signed it
Drove it off the dealership
Who the fuck you think they recommending
Put my 10,000 hours in
And I ain't take a minute
To myself
And I just wanna kinda get to know Diana better
And when they recommending me, I know gold letters,
Yeah I would like to manifest some brand new health
the tonee tonee
Gotta go and give it to the pack
Anybody know
That my shawty ass
Anybody recommending that my episode is ass
So I put on blast
Who and what
pain y'all demanding
Uh, uh
Is it stress y'all recommending
Uh, uh
Y'all made a killing off young Legends
Uh, Man
And all we ask for is a blessing
I was mulling over past mistakes
She was recommending cheesecakes
I was lost in old tax returns that needed filing
and exhausted from smiling

waiting is senseless g
Relationship, is dead like cemotery
Cant believe, the text you're sending me
Recomending me, to end it g
Jealousy and envy, can turn
Instead of prolonging the pain like a rack and regret this
Uber driven insane every day gets expensive
Going separate ways is what I'm recommending
And u cant be on the level to beat the v to the w
So let me spell it for the heads that wanna check this
And recommending my music to everyone on their
some spiritual healing
So lets, take a breath
Full body conclude with happy endings
Or I'm recommending some shopping with unlimited spending
Or just
I'm recommending em, just send a letter in
Got me sleep your bars are sedative
Want the business let's talk percentages
Just know you're losing
extending it
Making it bend a bit I’m recommending it
Defendin my title McGregin it
We be the best in it thats a most definite
Her pussy the bomb detonating
someone to trust

Try being nice 
Stop pretending you're an outcast 
This is my free advice
Recommending you to sprout fast
This is why we think twice

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