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alternate reality

When love is far from home
Does it turn recognizable
Pliable in my hands now

We took the time to be known
Am I now
know that it's

It's hardly recognizable
Took the long way
To something unpredictable

You can't take back the things you never should have said
fact it's a pattern
Everything I hear will always make me ashen
I know its recognizable
But it don't make no sense at all, oh

Ooh, no no no sense
by the same pop and mother emcees
While I got a lot of brand in my name, I'm recognizable
Leavin me the cash amount, that's quite sizable

Rich in
and mother emcees
While I got a lot of brand in my name, I'm recognizable
Leavin' me the cash amount, that's quite sizable
Rich in that English that's broke
in my ears
'Cause you got this instantly recognizable quality about you babe
Yeah I gotta say

Girl you look famous
Like South Beach or Vegas
dadadada... *

...a song with no recognizable merit whatsoever - and imagine what might have happened if, for example, Cole Porter had tried writing this
recognizable, spiritually and mentally.
Hold my hands forever, paper doll.

brought about a calm in the day
It should be a recognizable moment
That people could appreciate

Sometimes the world will show us
Sometimes the world will
grandparents (woo)
But, fuck you 'posed to do when it's hate that they got for you?
And you easy to trace 'cause your face recognizable, huh (damn)
I kept it
transported instantly back to their home, they found
themselves standing among thousands of recognizable
stone statues. These monuments represented their
I'm so Muslim
Separate no masajid sorry that you couldn't

So easily recognizable
Outsiders eyes blow
Spinning like a kaleidoscope
Itsy bitsy minds will
Begins to feel like a curtain
The wind pulsating through it, transforming it
Into recognizable forms, that one
Can’t help but slip into, for curtains hide
longer recognizable
Every institution lied to us in the interest of compelling us to perform tasks
that strengthen their objective
Your compliance breeds
the same shoes
I’m recognizable you’ll catch me walking around in my baggy clothes
H.O.E, homies over everything, that's my motto
When I’m downtown need my
And I see impossible in you
And I know the chances of us are barely recognizable
But baby you're not ungettable
living it in dreams like
There we go, let’s get back to the flow that’s so recognizable
I’m way below what’s comfortable and I don’t know how to get rid
We've gone through so much
It’s hard to think
We'd be anything other than
Who we are right now
Your old soul
It’s so recognizable to me
It's gotten
racking paper high up like I am a con
I want to be
Irreplaceable made complete like you don't got a choice
Recognizable on the beat like Frank Ocean's voice
of the living and dead
To be influenced 					
To be inclined
But how?

A terrible power					
His fatherly power
Not recognizable					
Fatherly at the beginning
smiling don't mean I'm not glad
And you've got a recognizable look 
And eyes that could write a book 
Baby I'm bleeding 
Are you even listening
Or is it my
when I'm finished shit wont be so recognizable 

Trouble maker
Pile up the bread I'm like a baker
I check the wallet, disappointing guess I'll try it
recognizable, smells like gas, oh oh, imma sleep, oh
See the stars in the sky shining bright, oh
I didn't know you can see them all in one night, oh
Now I am in
of memories
Dispose of the definition
Of a human being

What has become of me?
A shallow shape wandering around
Barely recognizable
As what once defined a human

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