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to sleep
All the remedies in the world
Won't make it last
Did you see someone that you recognised
In the looking glass, someone else's eyes
Shut your mind
destruction of me
Somebody screamed
I recognised me

Two o’clock, two o’clock
Bring it on, bring it on
Little deaths, little deaths
Everyone, everyone comes
Ja przetrwam, bo one przetrwają
Nie zapalą nas serce, hiphopu dekalog

Real recognised,
real game recognised, Game
Stepping to a hous 
a lot
to lose

And in the flights of fireflies 
There is a pattern recognised 
How could we think we had so little to lose 

Sometimes I don't say the right
Don't call me back again.

How their sorrow touched us all
In those final days
When it was the time she held the door
And touched his sallow
If you want to know
why I miss you so
just think back to the first time
we were in love
The night was getting late
I recognised my fate
Don't call me back again.

How their sorrow touched us all
In those final days
When it was the time she held the door
And touched his sallow
to a no-one 

Identification Code: Unidentified 

I got cosmophonic, pressed a button, changed my face 

You recognised, so what? I turned invisible
Life is lead weights, pendulum died
Pure or lost, spectator or crucified
Recognised truth acedia's blackest hole
Junkies winos whores the nation's
Hello old friend, what a strange coincidence to find you
It's been fifteen years since we last met, but I still recognised you
So call the barman
the girl we saw last night
Wearing a frock and gown she's kinda paralysed
A door in the floor a head materialised
I'm sure that I saw a face I recognised
For it was in the way that he came close to touching you
The look in your eyes
I thought I recognised
It's still too soon to know

And it's still
Published by jimmy fun music
Right at the front door I recognised the perfume
The scent was perfect in the dusk by the moon
There must be many
describe what makes a man

I didn't mean to interrupt your stride
But a rose was all I had to give
Sometimes beauty isn't recognised
When it contrasts
in the swing
Waiting for the ringing and the bright light

Waiting to be recognised
Quiet applause will do
They shower you with flowers when they
the rivers running dry
It brings a tear to your eye
Don't let terra die.

Do you ever get the feeling
That it's all coming true
And it's all being recognised
It was an unfair invasion!

She fears her own power
She never recognised her ability to heal
is out
Beyond belief eternally
Naked and recognised
You see I'm just a boy who can't say...

(love) is the purest energy
In my philosophy
(love) every
advice and more pretence
Our quarrel wasn't replaced back then
One problem: moralising recognised dissent
Dear Florence suddenly wasted friends are born
the midnight sky
And the stars twinkling next to the moon
But I never, ever recognised
The elephant in the room
Oh, no, no, no
But the end came too soon
never recognised Your touch
Until I met You at the cross
We are fallen, dust to dust
How could You do this for us?
Son of God, shed precious blood
Who can
And how the men pursue their worrk
They act convinced of freedom.

Crossed over by the bridge
The brook was running ill.
We recognised the place - places we
Find me behind a plastic face
I don't want to be recognised this way
I'll wear sunglasses so i'll know
My flaws are concealed in the basement 
Standing alone, a solitary drive, with no concept of what is missing
But then in an instant, the horizon switches to scenes which aren't recognised

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