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A near miss from the void of non-existence

Metallic shell barely recognisable
A painless disfigurement engineered by its opposers
Left to rust,
around with me, if you can only fuck with keyboards 

Just 'cause lazy niggas use recognisable material 
Don't mean the dope samples are not original
but you

Falling like stars into the ocean black, we're gonna disappear
And anything left recognisable is swept away with fear
We got our hearts

Time to admit it
A man's gotta live it
Going through the motions
I'm in the bottom
Lost and forgotten
Going through the motions
Mind's about
the area of the explosion and as this ascends, it soon becomes recognisable as the familiar 'mushroom cloud'. As a demonstration of the flash duration test,
my voice as my instrument
Hah, and it's loud
If you're riding the wave, don't dismount
Tryna keep grinding until we stick out
And be more recognisable
can’t put it into words
Forever’s been moulded into
Phrases recognisable
A beautiful shadow
Watches over my dreams
My feelings lie
So deep and fast
to read its title
But the moment the first letter became recognisable, a hand touched my shoulder.

So I froze and suddenly turned around

The man looked
the kings)
You know we can, (aye) soon to be as recognisable as "Comic Sans"
Damn, god damn 

Aye, god damn, aye, god damn, aye
Yeah, Creek Creek - stress less
don't act like you
Cos their face is recognisable and everywhere they go
A few people will stop em and try and take a photo
And if they say no then
The sense of shame become so engrained
It's the only recognisable side of me
It's all I know
The air I breathe

These ghost follow me home
Separate us like
and rejected as a traitor,
An incarnation of Other which, unlike all remaining Egyptian deities,
Was not even given a recognisable animal face.
The red dunes are
and rejected as a traitor,
an incarnation of "Other" which, unlike all remaining Egyptian deities,
was not even given a recognisable animal face".

The red dunes

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