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Forgot how the water was Shaped (was shaped)
So I point at my neck
To remind her
Got your shorty laid back like Recliners (like recliners)
She said
Your daddy sits in his recliner
Wondering what this day will bring
Seems Like yesterday was better somehow
And today don't mean a thing

And as he
Yeah, those talks from that recliner
Those fishing boat one-liners
It's his words that mean most to me now
Of the things he handed down, down,
On the lyca, yeh, multiplier
Just watch that cash stacking higher
Sit back roll up in recliner
And I'll still be telling you it's minor

Let me fly away, take me
Hop in a Bentley, Recliner Seats
I put my bitch in designer things
Callin' my jeweler for diamond teeth
No, you can't rock with me
Roddy Ricch,
watching me
Waiting for the time to strike
Cuz they think i'm they type
I'm in a coupe
Seat are recliner
Cloth is designer
I look like my momma
And she on me
fly as this
Back seat of the double R, I'm on my recliner shit
This nigga here keep a 100 on his wrist
This nigga here keep him a bad bitch
This nigga
Your sis give me head on recliners
Your wife wanna throw me vagina
I fuck on your aunt, ya mama
Got syrup like Aunt Jemima
Like the Maple Leaf,
Maybach recliner
Glizzy on side 'em
Oh no don't try 'em
Ain't a killer but don't push me no
All my niggas slidin'
Do you up neatly yeah
Oh it's
Recliner she comfortable
Decliner can't run from her
Big timer just for her
Rewind her bring it back
Remind her how fine she is
Two timer no time for
a condom
You don't want no problems, you'll get smoked like marijuana
Drop-top, my whip, kick the roof back like recliner
60 in this clip, this choppa sing
I get paid to go flex in designer
Bumping yo gums get you put on recliners
I got some head cause I was the headliner
Head on swivel cause niggas is
you mine now
Where you work? Make easy so I’ll find yuh
With my mans, he can take the girl beside yuh
You own a salon, now you got those recliners
and the product
Wipe my nose no it ain't sinus leaning jus like a recliner
I got sum good game from a lifer and ill pass it off just like a cypher
My venom is viper
Sometimes you travel here and there, no matter where you've been
Every time you go away, you come back home again
I pull my old recliner closer
Just like a recliner
Not 21
So i dont drink that liquor
(Chk chk chk)
Bet i just took a picture
All in the cut
But i dont own a scissor
Cup in my
pick, don't be mad kuz she chose me (She choosin')
She wanna (Uh) wid a lotta money, wanna (Uh) dressed in all designer
Top back like a recliner 
So eenie
They go behind ya back
Then try to hide the fact
I do not ride with that
Put the recliner back
They go behind ya back
That shit a kyrie act
M got no
tryin, aint no other way
Nigga killed my dawg so I can't just look the other way
Yeah I rock designer
Layed back like a recliner
I was trappin in atlanta
no recliner though
Please tell em' why you really mad
Cause' I wouldn't let a bum hit from the back
Niggas be thinking they Future
This pussy
Fuck the ones
Who talking bitch I’m lit
I stuff like 2 racks in my pocket
No recliner bullets empty yea
Got the baddest bitch up in the city
turn that vagina into a recliner
I mean this bitch bad like I seen nothing finer
I got this lil cougar from North Carolina
Drop, drop, drop, drop, drop,
Majesty" (Le Roi!)
These ain't Fendi wraps, but they still designer
Hollow tips make 'em Lazy Boy, recliner
These ain't Fendi wraps, but they still designer
a peep out of me uh
Hit her on a recliner 
She say my trap spot it look like a sweet uh
Runnin shit like I put on some cleats
But these Versace boots on my

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