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it (What's My name?)
(Is freedom recklessness?)
Lights got nun to do with darkness (I Am)
All of a sudden you're unattractive (What's My name?)
If only

Yes I got sophisticated
Only going where me needed only going where me rated
Ye ye yea yea
Recklessness time done (it done done done)
The recklessness of...

My young and foolish heart
Can be choosey and selective
But you're the one objective
Of my young and foolish heart

Goodness came playing at recklessness' game
And Cain can question his name
Jonah's out fishin' for kraken
And Job's just destroyed

The snake's are
a Blackwater shout

We're treetop flying
Letting go of the wheel
Your recklessness has a certain sex appeal
We're treetop flying
Swirling like a neon light
The recklessness persists 

Softly falling then I'm pulled up... (hmmm) by what I didn't want...
Now I'm unconscious 
I'm knocked out and then I'm pulled up
over putting on this act
I really haven't been happy since
The day you came into my life
And I became a victim of all your recklessness
Woke up in
Memories of him
Start to fade when you're around

I'm shocked by my recklessness
A child on the run
Shocked by my selfishness 
As you're coming undone
believe I let myself so messed up
Get on a level in my worst state
I really need to check my recklessness ‘for I lose face
Honestly it’s no surprise
Was it mine?
And damn
Did I trade myself for happiness?
And if so was it recklessness?
Or is it okay to say that my soul
Was simply ravenous
In this
to breathe
Beginning to remember the sound of thankful feet
The brazen recklessness of youth
It's so alive

Now out of hand
The icebox bathtub's almost gone
to recklessness
Knowing what's important is never to forget this

I still find your hairs in my room
Why do I wait for your call
I still find your hairs in my room
ending party in the bendo
Seeing reality starting sadness
Wanting recklessness
Making my tape
Pushing the rest upset
Now need to fly like an oiseau
I got elegance in my recklessness
Sauce all on my wrist
Balla shit
Whip it in the pot
Back up in the mix
Got it lit
Lit just like a bic
I just hit
speaking well
Condemnation forcing justice
But the judge will never tell

Feel my sane world tremble
Collapsing in decay
Recklessness in sorrow
Fate and hate
Carved out a place
Filled it with hate
Forgive my recklessness
I've been in vice
Up on the hill taking sides
I've been made Teacher's Pet
And I've been
what you need me to?
What you need me to
Love isn’t open
It’s my recklessness that keeps pushing away
Let yourself stay in my head
I can’t get out
of the century
And you know that it was meant to be
It's a celebration of the century
And I know you know that it was meant to be

Recklessness is on our side
is twisted 
Wrath of human may consisted 
Is it just a dream for gifted 
Or recklessness is predicted

Sorted class of glam perfection
Virtue mind
to be. 
This recklessness might kill you,
But I know you would miss it if it died. 
This recklessness is not a curse, 
It's just the old convictions
my recklessness is all I've got!
(Please drag me out alive)
'Cause I can't take this anymore...
I feel like I can't run, consumed by what I have become
on me
No chains tonight
You are my prey and I'll put up a fight
My recklessness will make me take a bite
Everyone knows about my appetite
They know it's
laugh defiles
Perfect quietness

Noise wakes madness
It extirpates recklessness
I'll make you whisper
I let only whisper

Irritating noise will be crushed
promise you will get the results
If I'm blaming there is a purpose
Just like when I can't even recall
My recklessness not considerate at all
My recklessness

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