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I'm just tryna read between the lines
But you been double spacing every phrase you type
I see reciprocating's not your type of methodology
You know I
friends same as me
All of my friends wanna
Reciprocating feelings all that I hear
Dying isn’t anything that I fear
And my friends sympathize
Trippy and a life change
Non chemically
Organically light flame
Bars no penitentiary
Rarity for conditions
Reciprocating whatever energy the world is
up mine

We've been falling out for some time

Yeah we're falling out been falling out for some time
My satellite is not reciprocating your line
Only God can judge me
I know I done some wrongs & I ain't always been lovin
Reciprocating energy I'm gettin was nothing
& I done pushed away a lot
seeing is believing

Then watch how my heart breaks
Pressed up on his face, pretending that i'm not still in love
And she's reciprocating, my love is
used to this
I don't wanna get used to this
But tell me why I can't let go of you?
I'm just

I'm contemplating
I'm just so lost
That he ain't hard
I'm here to let you know
That he ain't hard
Yeah what
He ain't hard
All of Heavens saying
He ain't hard
The earth reciprocating
And I'm reciprocating energy, they know what I mean
Can't put your trust up in these fiends, they was scheming all along
Now I can't treat em' like they
Demons like reciprocating
Spirit sucked right out the body
I won't need a medication

I ain't worry bout my taxes
I just hit the road bro
Is it fake, if you're just playing the game?
Is it fake if you step ahead of them?
Is it fake, if you can't be caught bitching, but let others chip
face and say
You're "capable of reciprocating"
So why does it feel 20/80 
I'm not complaining...  
I'm just irritated 

You lie to my face and say
clicked delete
I've been giving chances like every night
I gave you my heart and gave you my time
For you reciprocating the action is like a crime
So leave
I’ve seen a lot of things for me
Seeing what humbleness can bring for me
So when I ask to share your energy
I’m reciprocating the synergy
So let it
and summer 
Like the weather couple that we are
Reciprocating thats the bae goals
Am crae for you i need rehab
You make me feel ill at ease 
With that
back at me
Reciprocating one million


Dark as it's been
Thicker than sin
It don't change the circumstance
easy to see

Seemingly hoping
For moss to grow on me
Watching and willing at you
Injury as something to do
All reciprocating

You come for me in the worst of places
You come for me, you come and try to take me home
I'm always in need, and it's hard to be reciprocating
I'm giving it all and you're reciprocating

I'm head over heels
Turning back the wheels of love
We're stealing the show
You're stealing my
zen-like flow, as I dive into a meditative state like Zo
Now rating in the zone
Reciprocating love with crazy hugs so I'm all good
Pop bottles of pain,
without reciprocating
counting all our memories
Cup of Hennessy reciprocating energy
Listen up, listen up, Listen up
A couple years I’ve been sitting in the cut
I wasn’t satisfied
But you can't be about it
I'm trying to claim you proudly
You reciprocating hardly

Your words don't mean shit
I don't like me either
I'm looking for
reciprocating good things, ayyeah
I’m on Earth
I’m in Heaven, ayy
Means I got blessings, ayyeah
Salads with dressings, ayyeah
Passed when got I tested, ayyeah

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