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When you open your eyes tent city's his new homeless
It's the incredible California spectacle
Another spoiled dream thrown in a trash receptacle
as a receptacle
For the respectable

I took some time out to study your actions
Of how painted towns red
And if my worst fears came to fruition
I'm sure you'd
There are times in my life
When I feel like I'm the one
Receptacle for everyone

So just use me, and abuse me
Let me take in all your pain
And you
sont au spectacle
Et bavent leur distillat
Quand un repli s'écarte
Leur gueule de Satyre
Comme des réceptacles

Les vi-contesses jappent et piaillent et
dans les délires de Babidi (bah)
Saru sur le front comme un réceptacle
J'suis dans les délires de Babidi (bah)
J'lui prends de sa force quand
creusé ma propre tombe,
Bloqué dans ma cité comme au fond d'un réceptacle,
J'mets une balle dans mon pied, me demande pourquoi je tombe, je
Ne peux m'en
Ils disent que, bah ouais, bah ouais, hey
Putain d'réceptacle, putain de vrai c'est grave
Ils disent que réussir ça marchera jamais
J'suis avec
parenthetical (go away)
Spare your superlatives (go away)
There's the receptacle (go away)
There's the receptacle (go away)

leave Alberts study room (go
wrath in
My passion, these niggas trash bins
Ain't no receptacle
My passion, these niggas trash bins
Ain't no receptacle
An L, I passed too a nigga
Turn my shit up to an uncomfortable decibel
Throw the other trash rap in the receptacle
Before you bring the smoke
Make sure your vestibule and your
a receptacle
Palma Violet streets of gold, don't you wanna get lost in the streets with me
Do you wanna get lost, do you wanna get lost, yeah
Do you wanna get
this world all around me
And I'm so
So susceptible
And it's so
So unacceptable
And I know
I'm just a receptacle
I've gotta go
Put on my spectacles
Glad bag in a trash receptacle
Drive by with five guys
With macs and then we pull
Wake up at midnight
Eat ya
Go back to bed when full
I'll hand a tech
Jane, can't be a nobody, spendable uh yea
Stickin' the fork to receptacle
Suicidal thoughts is spreadin' need medical
Tuckin' my shirt in ready for work
carottes j'reste dans le terrier,
Cherche un remède quelque chose qui guérira.. mes plaies. (Mes plaies)
Pas d'réceptacle assez grand pour ma haine,
n'me  plaisait  pas
Histoire  à  dormir  debout  j'raconte  dans  l'réceptacle
Pour  mettre  d'accord  tous  les  sceptiques  qui  misaient  sur  un
to taste your homemade wine
I've been a poor receptacle, I was skeptical
Now I'm fine
Great forces were brought to bear
On these people in their prime
about to go sideways

It's a little silver pot that's filled with answers
It's taken so much time to find out why
This receptacle has tendrils that
White castle, golden arches
The forgotten path the stoner marches

Flash fried request on the rise
Ten piece receptacle adorned with fries
Broken in my testicles
Here as a receptacle
For every kind of who-knows-what
Na na na na na
Someday I'll get out of this rut
But today I'm here
I came out of my mothers womb a receptacle of doves and bliss 
A spiritual vessel 
Spirituality and sensuality complemented the infinite purpose
know its an oddity
Cold corners in receptacles 
Is it better to live honestly
than a future with a little lie
In a place where we don’t ever die

un réceptacle
La concurrence essaie d'cacher
Nos compétences, on
Gratte sans complaisance sur des cahiers
Du papier Canson donc j'parle
Constate qu'on
Now a red solo cup is the best receptacle
For barbecues tailgates fairs and festivals
And you sir do not have a pair of testicles
If you prefer

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