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a stranger, forget you a day
But I can't imagine what even happens beyond the pain

See the sun leading us
To the land of the lost and the reasonless
Reasonless, [Savages]
Treasonous Activists, [Greedy and Ravenous]
We Face Off, [Wage War], and Beat up on Pacifists
He's the Compassionless, [and he's
Another crack in the concrete 

There's nothing stopping us now 
There's nothing stopping us really

It's just a reasonless rhyme 
A reasonless rhyme
want to live

But her man's got an angry mouth
He once told me to rot in hell
He's poisonous, reasonless,
Demons and Jesus
If he died it'd be just
Reasonless, meaningless, superiority
Slaughtered symphonies in our mind
This college cattle call- ships of a hundred herds of young and wealthy work-horse mules
There is a solace
A reason divine
Beneath the breakage of the words we said
In my delusion
You'd open your eyes
But that's a reasonless want
reasonless arrogance 
Please leave me a message when you get your common sense
Ey you don't know me
Ey you don't know me
with some cayenne
No hide and seek in my speech, I'm retiring reasonless silence
My mind is clean as renewable fuel and proven as science
Body's hot
Don't let it repeat
Enough pain, reasonless
Put down they shotguns
Enough mothers grievousness
Enough good souls angles leaving us
Enough self-destruction
Melt, eruption.
gunpowder presents
And their torches in hand, with their hearts full of vengeance
For the king at the top, with his reasonless penchants
Marches 70,000
gunpowder presents
And their torches in hand, with their hearts full of vengeance
For the king at the top, with his reasonless penchants
Marches 70,000
coming need the Commas
Versace robes and Polo Ralph pajamas
Vagina not a part of my anatomy
You pussy boys be mad at me
It’s reasonless
Can’t get

Speaking only when spoken to
Hungry for only the derogatory
The venom and fixation on catastrophy

Tediously watching as the millions
Nightmares come to recall the past
All of this 'cause I've been a sordid liar

Blinded by greed
My grudges
So reasonless
My envy, what an idiocy
and hold your ground
With an elixir that makes you fearless
Even though no one takes you seriously
A sharp dagger can make you reasonless
A fight for balance
and bleed

Magickal pact of reasonless hatred
Signs of madness infinite horror
Apparitions and absurd angles
Opens the world between living and dead

your remorse
If you don't face the weakness of your own self
You will take the same course
You'll take the same course
Your deeds are reasonless, you
back to sleep instead, yeah.
A reasonless mind, and at that place and time
I started learning how it feels to be alone

Over and over and over again,

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