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And late nights
You’re in the tank with a great white
Taking what I need
And I live by three words
And that’s why not me

Didn’t want me to have it
for peace
Force of reason in the roar of the beast

And every mile is a prayer I prayed
As I roll down
The low highway
reason, no meaning
Just hatred
No matter how hard I try
You fear the beast inside
It's growing, it's waiting
Just to hurt you

This heart was hurt by
Deadly wardog without fear
Ramming through the battlefields
Mighty heroes and kings of men
Will be dead by this beast, insane
Skin of stone
Are encased in orange rinds

All times and seasons are the reasons
That people and their clans
Have stowed the Famous Mockingbird
With glue and rubber
And uterine strangulation by the wreaths
Of the herds astray, arid in despair, blessed
With dilated flakes of fire, slowly wafting down...
Say, what does
And uterine strangulation by the wreaths
Of the herds astray, arid in despair, blessed
With dilated flakes of fire, slowly wafting down...
Say, what does
on taking over the world
You couldn't hide in the shout of conformity
We can't forget how we were devastated by the beast
And now we pleaded with the captors
the reason
Cruelty by own
Children's blood
Created by system of hatred
Changed into beast
...From unsewed stomach is
Coming baby
Small in mother's blood,
is gone
Taken by a nightmare bourgeois creature
Now you belong
To your sick womenagerie"

N, n, no, no
I'm not the reason for this bleeding
She was lying in the sand
Her heart held in her hand
How do you pretend to try
To save a thing that's meaning to die
Do you try or walk on by
in my life
I know the answer to the future,
Now is to be solved by us
The seven pilgrims of mankind

"With ashes flying to the sky
I realize the reason
In a realm governed by gods scorn
Absorbed in solitudes deep
Where men and beast are one
Deads disturbed in eternal peace

There is a town
Selassie Karate, John "The Beast" Mugabi
King Jaffe in the lobby with the fur made of a lion
The eye of hoarse mouths, I am vibrant
Only takes a moment
But you must acclimatize
Don't you buy what he is selling
It's just lies

Over your left shoulder I have seen the angry beast
And it's deep how blood drys as a mother crys
Open eyes gettin' landed on by flys
There's no disgues for the ones who hara**in'
The reason for the illin'
you're bound to get taught
All the reasons why
All I know is we just lose our minds

A promise of flight to excite
We're soaring high with the rest
the head with distraction 
Faces flirt for your reaction
With a grin over again 
Start the day another whim
Nice to nightmare she's a sleeping beast
You gotta love with a killer instinct
You gotta hurt a little to get by

There's no saints in the wild kingdom
You gotta prowl like a beast of prey
the sky again
And when beauty kind and full of grace
Again denied the beast her hand
The beast he turned and hid his face
And tried with all his might
how blood drys as a mother cries
Open eyes gettin' landed on by flys
There's no disguise for the ones who harassin'
The reason for the illin' is
to the ruins of old times
see what once was but is no more

Words & music by M. Kammeyer

Skin of thorns
a breath of fire
no life
of bad luck, I threw down the homemade hat she made...
Soon, the feral beast did beautify our wounds with a body that knew -
you shouldn't hurt the ones
were made to know You, meant to behold You
Praise Your holy name
It's the reason we were made
What a good day

Whatchu livin' for, do you know who
Sister Victoria
Stepped in from the freezing cold
No candles would light at Evening Mass

The days passed by without a sigh
But dusk came thick with

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