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things move any faster,
By second wishing them to death.
You seem to be living on the level.
It's decent enough,
You got what you wanted.
So why do you
And a good woman, but she’s stubborn as hell
Decent job, pour me some beers after the bills
But I hate these slow Monday afternoons
Work five days
a payment, a part of it, half a peice or deposit
So I suggest that its best that you use some reason or logic
Or the bill collect is comin' to come and see
dropped a ten dollar bill at her feet


She was small he was tall but she blocked his path
She explained in unprintable words
The reason she
dues and knock'em out the box

That's how it is homie like it or not
It's bad enough late bills keep stacking up
No one ever told me that it would
Said I ain't got time
Got no time to stop & speak 2 friends passing by
Said I ain't got time
Got no time to stop & speak 2 friends
I got bills to pay, overdue since May 
But paying bills ain't something I'm a do today 
I'd rather write a rhyme about the life I threw away 
Strut their stuff

Is absolute zero cold enough
And out in the valley warm and clean
The little ones sit by their TV screens
No thoughts to think
apparently for some reason he just ain't happenin'
I call this brother mr. pitiful
I wanna tell you somethin' about him, check it out

The story begins in
flip and get live
A lot of cats were truely bitch they needed a clique to survive
Me and bill had a rep for fuckin deceps up when they step
with a cup
Added all your pennies up and you still ain’t had enough

And the jobs full up they ain’t hiring
I’m barely surviving not enough to get by
real in the field
I watched niggaz blood get spilled over five dollar bills
And major drug deals on the real
See a nigga get meals and his bitch get him
or old, I run school 

And I was never blinded by the lights 
But I've always had stars in my eyes 
So whether open or closed my vision's in line
Everything happens for a reason/
And my reason to be's to see shit happen for a reason - One event to the next/
It's like I'm stuck at the box
over the mat
He lies, but only when there's a reason
Mentions life by the tragedy, the comedy, the season
Poor at handling and managing income
Got enough
(myles goodwyn)
Published by mfg sing sing music/socan - ascap

Everytime I get restless, I see my hand knockin' on your door
And everytime I'm in
Never look back

[Master P]
How could a nigga shoot enough callings of the clip and kill three
One hit away I'm here for a reason this was meant to be
taking pictures
While you sleeping cause you passed out drunk after having a threesome
That will give you a reason, to trust no bitch
Quit rapping
of reasons, and an even longer rope to tie
Demons ain't supposed to cry
Tears enough to soak the sky
Pourin out of both your eyes
Cross your legs and hope
If he ain?t got the loot, some chocolate will do
And when she?s stout and loud,
He?ll have reason to leave or deceive this boat ? na na na na na

See I

"everything happens for a reason. 
i promise to never get paint on my glasses again. 
"you can't rip art 'cause it's just art." 
the blood,
livin' through beats 
that come not from minds, but that travel through spiritual reasons 
Some of the time, I feel like, it's not even me 
No mon-ey
in the distance listening to the slaughtering of there own.
So fear and stress sets in as the other groups approached the slaughter house led by
Maybe my pain, dealin' with it by callin' it a phase
These are the last days
Carry no shame, everyday thangs
Went from sellin' cocaine

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