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Realising Equilibri…  


with the daylight
Realising we're still alive

Swallows flying high
For the first time I see blue skies 
Black birds far away
Promising us a better day
I'm trying to improve myself on
I just can't get the hang of it
And I've taken, taken to realising
Taken, taken to realise I'm not fine
Taken, taken
I don't really need too much
'Cus it feels too good realising my onus
It's like am jus too unique
Couldn't find two of me if they actually cloned us
Thrown in at the deep end
Last week, late in the evening
'Till now I've not been in this state
Caught up in my feelings
Realising it's you I'm
I guess I started realising
There’s nothing more satisfying
Than waking up next to your face
But now your face has has gone away
I guess I started
days, succumbing to the shame and
I'm popping all these pills just to supress the pain
Realising I can never get you out of my brain

You, told me that
know I'll never find another you
And I can smile
I'll be fine
Though I'm torn apart
Cos I know there'll be grace at the restart

I am realising I can't
Okay now we call it off cause damn you mess up
I can't blame you now girl I understand my faults
I'm realising now that I should've treated you
a type of real that I just don't see in them
Its how I feels on the real side
When real eyes start realising real lies
Real guys ain't that common in real
the key chain
I'm in the whip on the freeway
Losing all focus in this game
Realising life is a bitch aye
Or maybe it was just me babe
Losing forever I
on the veils
All for these evil promises
To give me pleasure
Sacrifice for a sacrifice
Giving up my treasure
Realising I'm still not full
Onto my next endeavour
Realising a form out of stone
Set hands moving
Roan shaped his heart
Through his working hands
Work to mold his passion into clay, like the sun
I'll be waiting for the moment
When you're out of your comfort zone
Are you afraid of realising we're out of control?
Did you know you'll never
She wants me to come out to play
Without realising that she is hurting me
The feelings involved
Will only cause trouble - Hurting me
The love is too
like I’m always on
Realising that you’re not alone
Start living and get off your phone
I’ll just wait for this summertime to arrive
Wanna delete all
Is this the end 
Say it all again 

Is it true 
Can it be true 
I'm realising the fear of losing you 
Right from the start 
Together, apart 
the girlie them crase, heys

Right now them realising 
Long time ago, nobody know
Soundbwoy wan analyse it
Nobody know how the ting go
Tell them make
And she thanked him forever after
Without realising the dangers
And it would be so easy for him to exploit her love
She would never see
Her endless
It's easy to become weary eyed
But it's still the same world
That we don't know
Not gone, just set aside

Realising that oh...
I don't know the way
sorry for
But in my dreams you're there
And it's heartbreak every morning
I think it's coming
Realising that it's really over
That you loved me
But not
of the bitter cup
I'm waking up realising there is power in god's word!

hide the word in my heart
that I might not sin against thee.

though you try to do your
you were the last to know

Its not you love it's me, what a terrible way
To tell someone hurting that you're going away
And now you're realising
Four day sun, I found some, four day sun I will take you on
Realising your dicing, you seldom get it wrong

Your right and know ones ever wrong

Realising there’s no taste
In wine I drank

But now I’ve found a better place
And an angel with a gift for grace
Someone I will love so much

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