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that will appear
And guide you through this final year
The dark armies then will come
When the Sum is 41
a group that will appear and guide you through this final year.
The dark armies then will come, when the Sum is 41.
da kisses but you gon' sale dat ass

Real pimps shit, yeah, I keep an hour glass
Now young shawties saleing by the hour ass
I don't give 'em nothin'
But I, but I, will have to wait for Christmas,
I will hafta wait for Christmas, 
I will always wait for Christmas day

[Sum 41]
Now wake up
Ho, Ho, Ho
So many christmas letters
So many wishes
Lucy wants a squeezy doll
Jimmy wants a moon rocket
Oh, this list's rather long...

Lucky number seven every dice I roll
Sum 41 to the power as the poon patrol

[Chorus: x4]

Well let's avoid confusion by makin' one thing clear
I keep it real pack steel like my man Y.G
When a fool try to play me wet 'em up then I'm Swayze
You must be crazy kid
Man I never did forever wildin'
the truth was all too real.
Taken by storm, attacked from behind
by the Cossacks, the mighty "Troops of steel";
turned to their heels

Just like Napoleon
like a Mac smokin' sacs
This is real smokin' Laden kill, playin' the game of pass it back

If I buy her a brand new car, haters get mad
If I put sum
on the ground
See what's around, then lock shit down like Nino Brown

I'm bound by hona and down for drama like Tony Man Tana
Y'all clowns don't wanna fuck around
steal fo a nigga ; stay by my side even kill fo a nigga
If you fuck wit a nigga for real ; it ain't nothin to keepin it trill

[verse 2]
She jus ; wantd
An article in Leather Thighs
The only thing real is waking and rubbing your eyes
So I'm resigned to bed
I keep bottles and comics stuffed by its

Word is born, your kids miss you when your gone
But life still goes on, you think they give a fuck?

Yo it's hot, what they got, 41 shots
out its real 
that's when they heart pumps fear 
The real remains the weak will disappear 
My words is 20/20, my vocals are crystal clear 
911 style
is fixed
That's why we don't be fucking with politics
They bet on that, parents fought and got wet for that
Hosed down, bit by dogs, and got blacks
Yo.. yo.. A man is condemned or exaulted by his words.. 
Exalt me.. yo.. this what y'all niggas wanted.. 

The streets was waitin'
here I am, a beast
Word up, real niggaz do.. real niggaz, yeah
Yo, 41st side, Queensbridge yo, yo

The words cut like a knife, ma your son was shot
Her mouth, wide
Y'know, personally, I'm for the paper
As long as we all see doe
(Yo yo, big boys play for large sums) Yeah, uh
(Even bitches got their shit tight)
stuck in your gut sucker
"All Killer No Filler" like Sum 41
where I'm from, where I'm at, livin' life in the sun
We make no apologies, take no prisoners
built by every other race 
Except the European that runs this place 

What a waste, America's doomed 
To be overthrown by the righteous real soon
'cause it makes me feel real good


'83 coup guess who in it?
Gettin searched by da cops evry 35 minutes
Hope I get sum pussy while
The streets is real can't roll without steel
I feel how I feel cause I was born to kill
Do what I gotta, to eat a decent meal
Brothers is starvin', don't try
a free man on the streets again
Chasin' St. Ides down with some Seagrams Gin
Life is like a dice game and I'm into win
On the scene from the 41st side
I'm a free man on the streets again
Chasin St.Ide's down with some Seagrams Gin
Life is like a dice game and I'm in to win

On the scene from the 41
By the way I need u to send a trill message to sum
And a subliminal one to other
About this throwin' rocks
And being behind