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day slips by
I've got to fix my mind
Because the mind's maligned
With I mean mine
I've got to turn it around
Got to give back
Because this self centered
passing of your insides
I smile in regret every time I think of how I spoke to you

I put it all in back of my mind where I hold you
I'm just trying
Let's call the sheriff a cock-sucker
See if he's read "The Killer Inside Me"
Let's have sex with pit bulls
Maybe pollute their blood line
Little Timmy's
Something in my mind keeps me satisfied 
Shoved aside  pushed to the wayside 
If you lead  I will follow you 

Vague memories in my mind they
on the block
For the killer I'ma lift my middle finger up to the cop
So On the way to the studio we be making another hot track
They be loving the way we spit
when I hear
Groove killers
When I'm out sitting down, it's a clear
Time stealer

Give me a track
With a phat kinda beat
A groove so unique
Tasty Buddy!"
 "Buddy definitely"
 "Hey get in on this drink Buddy!"
 "Buddy, don't mind if I do"
 "It's a bloody, Buddy"
 "Buddy, it's killer
Killers and murderers, psychos and lunatics
Nobody knows what makes my mind click
Is it the demons screaming inside of me?
Hell no, it's just the thug
The meter's showing
All of your vital signs

Say it's
Welcome to my world
You've been infected by a
Non-stop electronic girl
Say it's 
and repeat that rotation 

Give me all you got baby 2nite 
Now's the perfect time 
Come blow my mind 
Its cold out here please let me come
I'll give you everything
I won't need no rest, won't find me by the bar
'Cause the dance floor's only where I keep my heart

Can he read my mind how'd he
Run, hide from the sun, and follow the tracks laid by a thousand losers
Some, who never believed, who never could read between the lines of love
and frame by frame.
Names, dates, are all inmaterial. 
I big dick sick ryhme killer like cereal. 
I burn like venerial, 
And spit that imperial wizardry
tell ya I'm bogus
Saw you on the street, your middle finger was flippin
And your the victim of a drive-by lyrical whippin
Read my song, lyrics are strong
reflects the windows to your past life
No psychiatric's could raid you from off the mattress
As you fall deeper, and it's hypnotized you better read my
He was hurting, I can see it, plenty tears, no Kleenex
I stood by his side because that was my homie
Gave him a hug, some of his brother's blood
formidable place
I can let you know the ins and the outs and I can spit it wicked
Twiztid And you can see by the look on my face
Give me the mic and ima
of circuference,
my thought can't behold body, mind control substance
for the key to this shit, kid
Examin the imposter, group of A uh-life's 
my team be deep like
As we go deeper it's hard to find 
Don't even think about it, cause you can't read my mind 

It's clear so therefore you need a ear or inclined
him, but will he change really
Some real killers
I think of Wayne Perry
Think of my nigga Drawz
But you aren't a name to me you ain't mean to kill him
the back
Eight track slap off the rack, I have to relapse
Po' of the fo' out the tap, break a bro back to the snap
She lives in my lap, eager to give up
the rest
Copped another piece, hit the dark streets
Rollin' once again, fuck the damn police
Called up my boy Joe, a roof job pro, 459 on his mind car
When I look you in your eyes I can see my own
Straight love manifested in flesh and bone
You's a breath of fresh air in this world of shit
You was
of 'em) 

Inflicted with a rare disease, MC's flee 
Fought wars for centuries my wounds bled killer bees 
Roam the battle site word, shatter mics I've
billions out in crack buildings 
My destiny was to shine, ? to climb 
Especially in time, with the recipe in mind 
From the jump start, they ain't have