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Girl I understand if you don’t wanna take me back now
It’s all in the past maybe I’m not so attached now
Tryna re-attach all the pieces of a broken
Slow down underneath the speed
Just give into the sweet release, oh!

Yeah, baby they're askin' to re-attach
And tonight we're gonna lead
could to try and re-attach it
I couldn't do it so I picked it up and threw it
Off the building, just to see if all the children
Were quick enough to catch
that couldn’t stop it
I’m back and intact re-attach to the target
Attacking the goals that I set when I started
And cuffin someone daughter was apart
Then you can re-attach my wings

I can't believe you're on a dime
You're on the inside and we're running out of time
We burn each chapter with
the traffic
We both know you’ll never match it
You falling apart re attach it
What is the problem with people right now
I thought your good but I’m feeling it
cutting off my fingers, I'm hacking to the elbow
Just to watch myself fucking bleed
I feel the flesh grow back, watch the limbs re-attach
I feel the gods
had to build back up from scratch
But from the ash'll rise a phoenix and they'll try to re-attach
But I can't let that happen, they tripping if they
a large amount 
All these worries I can't count 
I just wanna let go 
But when I do I get the next blow 
It never stops 
I need to re-attach to my life
have it
He want smoke
Then we can match it
Big ass blick
That got attachments
Stretch yo bitch out
Like elastic
Knock his face off
Re attach it
day (touchdown)
Before it's too late

Just touched ground now 
How do we re-attach the roots?
I don't mean no metaphor
I'm talking 'bout these
never heard it no
I'll never hear it no

Through this lazy haze

Of a stubborn mind
Re-attach, mishap, unwind

There is only so much that you think that

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