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Wherever I go whenever I breathe
The shadows crawl back up my sleeve
Pull me down that dark ravine
Looks like a place I've already seen
Wherever I go
That looked like my diamonds
That I mined in some ravine from my last game
It's not accidental 
I've got evidence

Ready, let's dig into something
Bois ce temps qui s'envole et ravine mes joues
Écoute-moi chanter nos heures, les hauts et les bas
Canzone di Malavita
Prends ma main dans la
the abyss of the ravines, the forgotten lands
Where the river pierces the boulders
A range of relicts, Ammonite's kingdom
Mists in the lowlands
And dreams
deep ravine
And stand me up tall on the highest peak
So follow me
Through deep ravine
And stand me up tall on the highest peak
What you see
What you'll
Down the ravine

Tell your mama that you're gonna be out all night
Tell your daddy not to intervene
Tell your sister that she better be ready to ride
could be a whore, a war in every single place
A cage that creates prisoners
A car that falls into a ravine
The man became
(The man became)
In the ravine
I found the answer to everything
In your words
In your eyes, in your sigh

If we could wish ourselves away
Would you love me?
If we
Clandestine, valor's fist

Courage, conviction, across the ravine
Suffer, no mistake, across the ravine
Pure, strength of ten, across the ravine
saying come and dive with me
Under, deep in this, aquatic scene
Dive down with me
I said: take my life from me

I'm diving deep in this ravine
Far from
painted the skies
Sculpted mountains and ravines
Drawn up the horizons
Yet in your likeness, my soul composed
Yet in your likeness, my soul composed

by name
To fly with the winds of the sea

Rush over oceans and canyon ravines
I’m so much more than a boy on the sea
Out here I’m conquering
say "cheese"
Don't want to, you beggin' "please" ahh yeah
Only 'cause momma the queen
Quick rushin' love like ravine uhh huh
I see the tops of the trees
no promises or messes made
And chalks it all up to mistake, mistake, mistake

And there are no tears
Just pity and fear
No vast ravine
Right in
Come to me, my Ravine
Lust for you, deity
Rattle on, where you been

Come to me, my Ravine
All the while, using me
I long, for you

But no I
driver ravine
I was dubbed The White Whale

In a personal hell
Or a damaging dream
I'm aloof, I'm the seat
I was dubbed The White Whale

better than that, Bitch please
Threw the keys of the fortress of my heart in the ravine
Polishing off the edges to make this heart break even
Monday: same refrain
Gushing like a rusty sore
Wise water cuffs my ears
Tears again, shame above


My soul curved towards the ravine
Where i left my soul and my heart

Alien in a foreign land
Lost into darkness
Wandering into the fog
Lost in my dreams
Walking on the side of ravine
Beads of light bleed through this ravine
Nearly exposing a man hidden in branches and leaves
Hiding from answers from demons and thieves
They ask me
Is there another side
To what I'm feeling
Cause all the remedies I've tried
Oh Lord where's the healing

Attempting to stay in the ravine
when our lives first crossed
It's no life at all when this pain is all I have
Fall into the dark
And when I reach the ravine of broken dreams
I'll call
In the ravine, mining diamonds, ooh
I have every diamond tool
In the village, selling items, ooh
In the village, I go buy 'em too
I killed you with
la // Kan mi entann lo son dann fond la ravine
Larényon lé la // Dan loker reunionnais ek toute bann Cafrine
M'la visite in péi, la et mwin lé fièr

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