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lives wrecked from intervention
Where do we go now
The country and people ravaged by war

Ravaged by war
Ravaged by war
Ravaged by war
Ravaged by war

justify this redemption?
Is it monopoly on pain
Is there a reasoning that computes to this craziness
Logic Ravaged
Logic ravaged by brute force

The journey
Marking my time on the line
Filthy with the knowledge I'm
Planting seeds, spreading disease
Rip away, tear up the beams

Ravaged, it's all so
and more than your average
I wanna be ravaged all the time (ravaged all the time)

Your God gave me a ring, told him it's a human thing
But he hadn't
wanted all your life, yeah, life, yeah
Did you get what you wanted?
Did you get what you wanted?
Or are you ravaged?
Ask her anyway, ask her anyway

Defenders of the Kings
They stride across the plains

Across the bridge of slaughter,
Lies the ravaged Lands,
Bound by their allegiance,
The Guardians
Put me out of misery now
The wave is breaking
Will of making

In the ravaged years
This will mean so much to us
In the ravaged years
So far so good
you were at the sidelines
Always cheering me from the stands
Louder than the roaring oceans
Quenched my thirst and my ravaged hands
Of all my gifts, I'd
savage, sweet savage
I've been ravaged by a sweet sweet savage
There he goes
With that look in his eyes
Graceful body
Powerful thighs
He's so fierce
He's so
Spastic reaction, blistered
Black your tongue.
Hair evaporates your skin
Begins to melt
Inhale to scream, can't rid
This pain your dealt

Mother I'm tired 
Come surrender my son 
Time has ravaged on my soul 
No plans to leave but still I go 

Fallin' with the leaves 
Fallin' out
like flat tummy tea
Crackers came to Africa, ravaged, raffled, and rummaged me
America was the name of they fuckin' company
Stackin' niggas like cargo
hollow tears, stifle the tortured kiss and scream

Screaming in the darkness, torn and ravaged
Spinning round in circles
And in the crazy and the howl
blisters, lost Eden burned to ice
All fiends and beasts adored
Pointed daggers shaped her withered flesh
And betrays once more... 

A father who ravaged
Ejaculate on your ravaged face.
Straddle you to prevent escape.
Hands to throat to strangulate.
Drag her out to die.

Imbecile humans will never
Mother I'm tired
Come surrender my son
Time has ravaged on my soul
No plans to leave but still I go

Fallin' with the leaves
Fallin' out of sleep
overdrafted for you-oo-oo
My heart and my savings so ravaged from you-oo-oo
From you-oo-oo

Normally I slave 24-seven day-to-day just to earn enough to pay
Innocents are made comatose
Withered souls
Leading them blindly away

Ravaged out of sight
Hides the scarred eye
Behind plumes of ash and smoke

But where is
and drowning in doubt
Broken and ravaged, all wounds bleeding out
Oh no

The crane operator looks down from on high
While we struggle and stammer patiently
I don't know how you sleep at night
Ravaged by all of my demons
I don't know how you sleep at night
Tell me what's left to believe in 
This is
of the Goblin haired

Buildings smashing 
Trolls are lashing
Giants fighting for the feast

Village pillaged
Cities ravaged
Who controls these beasts?
left 'em ravaged
I'm taking all his fucking cabbage
Pull the .40 on 'em standing on the corner by the store
Fuck the ops I have no mercy ask him if
sunken and hallow
Look at me broken and wallowing in my sorrow
In my sorrow
So here am I, ravaged by time
Gripped by a force, that I can't unwind
So here
we've made
Lost derision ravaged this mind
Bleeding the madness away
Let ignorance fade away
Slow replay empty gestures we pay
And play along with

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